Can Goldfish Live Without Oxygen?

Can Goldfish Live Without Oxygen? Goldfish are popular fish that have been around for hundreds of years. They’re also one of the most common pets in households today.

However, goldfish require special care and attention if they’re going to live a long life in their new home—and no matter how much you love your pet fish, it’s important to know what its needs are.

Can Goldfish Live Without Oxygen?

The common question that arises is whether goldfish needs oxygen and whether it can survive without oxygen? This article will exactly answer this.

Goldfish and Crussian carp have a modified metabolism. This has occurred over years of evolution. This allows them to sustain without oxygen for a while.

The reason for this is the production of ethanol which has been established through research.[]

In fact, this can happen in the wild where the oxygen levels can go low. This prompts the goldfish change its metabolic process and thus goldfish can live in an environment where there is almost no oxygen.

However, it has to be remembered that the goldfish we find in aquariums are all breeds which have been developed through cross-breeding by man.

Most goldfish breeds have not evolved naturally. Therefore, they cannot be expected to have the same level of resilience.

It’s important to remember this when considering whether or not your fish will be able to survive without oxygen for long periods of time.

Can Goldfish Live Without Oxygen?

Can A Goldfish Really Live In A Bowl?

Unfortunately, no. Bowls have very little water, and goldfish need lots of oxygen and circulation to survive. The water in a bowl has less oxygen, so once the oxygen gets depleted, the human-bred goldfish cannot survive. It’s cruel to keep either goldfish or bettas in bowls.

Like humans, goldfish need oxygen to breathe. They can however sustain for a brief while when they are displaced. Like for about 30 – 40 seconds. But this is not something one should try as an experiment.

Goldfish needs oxygen to breathe. So why do they keep dying in bowls? Well, the answer is simple. Gold fish excrete a lot of waste. This makes the water toxic. This beings down the oxygen levels. Also they need room to swim around freely and a good quality water so that their gills can get proper oxygen.

Goldfish are beautiful and playful, but they’re also pretty needy.

While it’s true that goldfish are hardy and can survive in less than ideal conditions, they need a lot of care to thrive. If you want your fish to live a long, healthy life, here are the bare minimum needs:

-20 gallons of water (or more). Goldfish are big, and they get bigger. The bigger the tank, the more oxygen it can hold—and that means your fish will be able to breathe easier.

An aerator. A good air pump is important, not for removing toxins from the water, but to keep your fish happy by adding oxygen into the tank.

A good filter system. While some people use a simple filter if you want your fish to live longer than two years (and who doesn’t?), invest in a quality filter system that removes as many toxins from your water as possible. Goldfish can live many years and so if you want a fantastic interactive pet, it is important that you give it the very basics. gif maker 2022 09 01T222042.592

Can You Turn Off The Air Pump At Night?

Many people wonder whether or not to turn off their filter or aerator at night. The answer, is no. Goldfish are voracious eaters. So the waste release is equally more. So switching of filter or aerator at night not a great idea. This in fact increases the chances of harmful bacteria build up.

When we switch off the filter and aerator, the water becomes stagnant and gets filled with ammonia and other toxins that can be harmful to your fish’s health. So you should always keep your filters and aerators on during night time as well as day time. gif maker 2022 09 01T222042.592

How Are Others Keeping Their Goldfish In a Bowl?

Think about it. The answer to this is very simple. The water in the bowl can sustain the goldfish for a short period. The water needs to be changed often. The oxygen depletion can cause the goldfish to suffer and die. Also, the goldfish does not like to be constricted in a bowl. The like to be in spacious spaces where they can continue to explore their surrounding.

The reason why we should not keep fish in bowls is because they will eventually die from lack of oxygen and/or overpopulation of other fish that may carry diseases that could kill your fish if left untreated. This can also result in your fish becoming sick because too many fish are crammed into one small space.

In conclusion, it is best not to keep your fish in a bowl because it does not provide enough space for them thrive properly and live happily! All this finally relates to the oxygen availability. gif maker 2022 09 01T222042.592

How To Tell If My Goldfish Is Getting Enough Oxygen?

If your goldfish is staying at the bottom of their tank, or if they have been visiting the surface frequently, it may be time to test the oxygen levels in their water. Here’s how:

1) Fill a small container with some water from your goldfish’s tank.

2) Place a couple drops of hydrogen peroxide into it and swirl it around for about 30 seconds. If there are bubbles present, then there is enough oxygen in the water for your fish; if there are no bubbles present, then you’ll need to add more oxygen into their tank.

3) If you decide that more oxygen needs to be added, there are two ways to do so: either by making sure that air pumps are working properly or adding an air stone or similar device into your tank. gif maker 2022 09 01T222042.592


Goldfish are great pets, but they need special care. They can’t be kept in tanks without an air pump and a filter. If you’re able to provide these things, then your goldfish will have a long and happy life and you can have a wonderful interaction with the intelligent and loyal goldfish. gif maker 2023 04 22T201514.431

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