How to Keep Guinea Pigs in Apartment: Steps for a Safer Home!

If you are thinking about getting a pet, but can’t take care of them properly because you live in an apartment, then guinea pigs may be the perfect pets for you. This post will tell you how to keep your guinea pigs safe and happy even when living in an apartment.

I will discuss things like what size space they need to run around in, whether or not it’s okay to let them roam free inside your home (hint: no!), and more!

The first thing to note is that you are not alone. Guinea pigs are the third most popular pet in America, with only cats and dogs outranking them. This means that there are a lot of people that have had to take their furry friends into an apartment or condo.

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It’s important for your guinea pig’s happiness and health to provide him or her with two hours of exercise per day, so I will be discussing some ways that you can give your pet some fresh air and new sights while living in an apartment. 

Keeping your guinea pigs in an apartment can be tricky, but with a few adjustments to their living space they will be happy and healthy. If you’re interested in learning more about how to keep your little friends safe and sound in the city, read on!

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Can Guinea Pigs Be Kept In An Apartment?

Guinea pigs can be kept in an apartment, but there are some things to take into consideration.

We are all aware that keeping a guinea pig in an apartment is not the most ideal situation. They need room to roam, they may get depressed and stop eating, they can be destructive of your furniture and belongings.

But sometimes you have no choice but to keep them inside because it’s just not feasible to take care of them outside or at work or school.

There are some things you can do to make sure your pet lives well when it doesn’t have any outdoor access. The first thing is to give them plenty of room indoors so that their habitat resembles as much as possible what they would experience if let out into the wild.

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This means making sure their cage has enough floor-space for running around and climbing on structures like bedding or hay piles.

Guinea pigs also need lots of stimulus from the outside world, which includes sights, sounds and smells – this can be done by building a run outside of their cage, which will allow them to go out and get some sunlight.

All sorts of questions may pop up in your head what regards to keeping a guinea pig in your apartment as a pet.

  • How much space do they need?

  • Is it okay if they run around freely?

  • How big of a cage is needed ?

  • Where Should I Place The Cage?

  • How long should I let them exercise for?

  • How will they stay warm at night?

  • How To Apartment Litter Train Them?

These are all serious questions and concerns when keeping small pets such as guinea pigs in your home.

So let’s tackle these issues head on!

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How Much Space Do Guinea Pigs Need?

If you have decent enough space in your apartment, then you can actually allow your guinea pigs to roam around freely without any enclosure in a separate room that belongs exclusively to them.They will be perfectly safe indoors in an enclosed room.

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You should also add some shelves and hidey holes inside.The space underneath will give them shelter from bright lights when needed. If you don’t have much time during the day–or if your pet seems nervous with people coming in and out all day long–add a pop door.

Is It Okay If They Run Around Freely ?

It is okay to let your guinea pig run around freely , provided you are able to provide them an exclusive room of their own, as I discussed earlier in this article. When you’re setting up the indoor living room space for your guinea pigs, there are a few things that should be taken into account.

One of these considerations is removing anything from their environment that might present them with risks such as :

  • Electric Appliances/Cables

  • Harmful plants

  • Heavy Movable Items

  • Open doors which can allow other animals (and people!) access to them without supervision;

  • Sharp-edged furniture/Curios

  • Sharp Items with angles and corners that guinea pigs can get stuck in or injure themselves on.

  • Small Objects That Can Be Swallowed Or Inhaled Such as coins, button-type batteries from toys and remotes, earrings, paperclips etc.

The overall theme here is safety–make sure everything around the living space for you guinea pig is safe and secure so he/she doesn’t come across anything harmful when roaming free about their new home. This way there will never ever be a reason for concern regarding how to keep guinea pigs in an apartment safely and soundly with no worries at all.

How Big Of A Cage Do I Need?

In case you do not have sufficient space to provide an entire room to your Guinea pigs, then your next best option in an apartment would be to go in for guinea pig cages.

Believe it or not, most cages sold for hamsters, rabbits, etc., aren’t suitable for guinea pigs at all! They’re too small and not enough room for your guinea pig to run around and get exercise.

A minimum size would be 30”x36” inches or 7.5 Square Feet for a single Guinea pig. But remember larger is always better! Make sure the sides are fairly high (at least 12 inches) so that they can’t jump or climb out.

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It goes without saying that when it comes to keeping any small animal, you must provide them with enough room so they can run around and exercise freely .

If your budget allows , then go in for the biggest cage possible – even bigger than what’s recommended here. Buying multi-level homes will give them additional opportunities to explore different levels of their environment.

Timothy hay should be kept in one corner of the habitat at all times (with fresh water placed nearby). This way every time he/she feels hungry; tries eating some hay instead ofawing/chewing on your furniture or other plastic items in the cage.

You also want to make sure that ventilation holes are present because poor air quality may result in respiratory diseases which could prove fatal!

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Where Should I Place The Cage?

Guinea pigs need a well-lit, draft free area to live in.

It is best advised that you place them somewhere where they will get enough sunlight and warmth for most part of the day. Place it away from any kind of drafts like air conditioners and fans.

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There should also be no loud appliances around such as washing machines/dryer units, microwaves ovens; dishwashers etc., which could make your guinea pig feel anxious about his environment!

Providing an adequate living space for them indoors with all these factors keeping comfortability at priority level.

You may also want to place their cage in a room where they can see you (and vice versa) when sitting on the couch/watching tv, etc., because this will make your pet feel more comfortable and less stressed about his new environment!

How Long Should I Let Them Exercise For?

For Guinea Pigs In Cages:

When it comes down to exercising them in an apartment , there are a few things you will want to pay close attention too.

Firstly, they shouldn’t be allowed to run around unsupervised because you can never know what might happen.

Secondly, there are chances that your pet may get injured by running into something he/she doesn’t expect (sharp-edged furniture for example). This could lead to serious wounds and infections which in turn would affect their health adversely.

Thirdly, the open doors will also let other animals as well as people have access to your guinea pigs without supervision – this is a major risk factor.

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For these reasons make sure you take them out only when necessary allow enough supervised exercise time too. (Minimum 2 hours is recommended)

Since they are very social animals, it is advised that you let them out for a playtime when you’re home and able to keep an eye on them.

For Guinea Pigs In Exclusive Rooms:

You can allow your guinea pigs to run around unsupervised in the room you have provided to them. If they’re just running about inside their living space but not venturing into other rooms, then there is no need for any kind of time limit or supervision.

Just be sure that their room door remains closed so they don’t escape and go all over the place!

Guinea pigs love to have a lot of things going on in their surroundings so they can easily get “bored” without plenty of toys or activities involving hay to keep them occupied . Keep this factor in mind while setting up a room.

Guinea pigs are most active during early evening hours when it’s getting dark outside, so if possible try to get home before nightfall at least once a day so you can spend some quality time with your furry little friend.

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How Will They Stay Warm At Night ?

Make sure there is always something for your guinea pig to snuggle under such as an old shirt or towel inside their sleeping area rather than cardboard boxes which may come apart easily or cardboard pieces (which your pet could eat).

A great way would be setting up an area with bedding such as hay which they can crawl underneath and snuggle up in.

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You may also consider getting a heat lamp for the winter nights if you don’t have central heating.

Try placing different kinds of beddings on the floor of the cage so they have multiple choices of sleeping spots instead of having one particular area all by itself. This way there won’t be any disputes regarding who gets to sleep on the “best” spot!

Provide fresh water for them every day, talk to them and hold their attention so that they feel secure enough to be happy rather than frightened or anxious–this will keep away any unwanted behavior problems from arising.

How To Litter Train Your Guinea Pig In An Apartment :

One of the most important aspects to consider while having a Guinea pig in an apartment,is to litter train them!

All you need for it is: –

A large box (with an entrance hole) with some bedding such as hay, paper towels etc. A nice and cozy spot like this will make your guinea pig feel right at home!

First, place your guinea pig inside the box and watch what it does.

If they seem to be scratching in a certain area with their paws (this means that’s where they prefer to do their business) then put some droppings there so they can smell them!  

When you see this happening over and over again–congrats-you’ve successfully litter trained them!

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However there are some factors which might make them take longer than usual such as: – A change of environment (just like humans)–they might be nervous about using the new bathroom.

If after several days there are no signs of any changes being made, try moving the location of the droppings bit by bit toward one area but don’t force anything them because if they’re not ready they will go back to their original spot.

If there are more than one guinea pig kept together inside a single cage then each should have their own designated area where they’re allowed to eliminate.

These are just some of the tips and tricks that you can use when it comes to how to keep guinea pigs in apartment.

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Wrapping Up

A guinea pig is a wonderful pet to have in an apartment. They are very social and entertaining companions that will bring you joy every day when they come out of their cage for attention or food.

It’s possible to keep guinea pigs in an apartment. And while they’re not the easiest pets, if you take care of them well and provide plenty of enrichment, then these furry critters can be a great addition to your home!

However, like any animal, a guinea pig needs a good diet, fresh water and regular health check ups from time to time.

If this sounds like something you can handle then head on over to your local pet store or adoption centre right away!



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