What Not To Feed Your Hamster: Dangerous Foods For Pet Hamsters

Are you a hamster owner? Would you like to know which foods are dangerous for your pet hamsters? What Not To Feed Your Hamster? 16 toxic Foods that are Dangerous and should be avoided by these furry little creatures.

What about fruits and vegetables that are not safe for them to eat? I will discuss all of this in this article.

Hamsters are omnivores, meaning they eat both vegetables and meat. But what about the types of foods to avoid feeding your pet? There are many things that you may think would be safe for your hamster, but in reality can cause significant harm or even death. 

As with any animal you might own, it is important to know what food items are safe for them to consume; many people don’t realise that some fruits can actually be toxic to your pet! Let’s get rolling and go over the list.

Dangerous Foods For Your Hamster


Avocado makes the list of dangerous foods for hamsters. While this fruit is not toxic to your hamster, it does cause significant gastrointestinal distress! The pit contains a substance called persin which can be deadly if consumed by your pet hamster.

So make sure you remove any seeds or pits before giving them avocado; also avoid feeding avocados to pregnant hamsters as they may harm their unborn babies.

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Avocados are very high in calories and should not be included as a part of any hamster diet. They contain about 160 calper hundred grams, which is extremely high- especially since avos aren’t even that nutritious!

A study found that this fruit doesn’t provide many nutrients or vitamins for your pet’s organs . So why would you want them eating something unhealthy? Avocado offers only an insignificant amount when compared with other fruits such as apples: they weigh almost exactly the same but offer much better nourishment in every bite.


Bacon, ham and other cured meats are extremely bad for your pet hamster. They contain a large amount of sodium nitrate, which is toxic to small animals such as hamsters!

These foods also contain preservatives that can damage the internal organs of your hamster. These types of meat products should not be included in any meal plan- they provide no nutritional value at all!

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If you have been feeding bacon or ham to your furry friend, thinking it was OK; make sure you stop immediately before irreversible harm happens due to this dangerous product.

Avoid giving these foods even if they’re home cooked, because they may still include salt (not good for them), spices (which might cause stomach upset), or nitrates (which are toxic).

This is especially true for pregnant hamsters; they need to be extra careful not to eat any harmful foods. These items can cause serious health problems for your pet hamster and may even lead to death!

Chili Peppers

Chili peppers are another type of food that can be dangerous for your hamster. While they do not contain any toxic substances, the capsaicin in them is extremely harmful to small mammals such as hamsters! It is actually even more irritating than it is to humans. 

Avoid feeding chilli pepper powder or anything spicy to your pet- these items will irritate their sinuses, which could cause respiratory problems or infections! Your furry friend does not need this added stress on top of everything else they might have going on in their lives; so make sure you keep foods like hot sauce and jalapenos away from them at all costs!

Once again, this goes for pregnant females as well: their babies are very sensitive and they should avoid feeding anything spicy before during and after pregnancy (even if it’s just small amounts). It is best to err on the side of caution by avoiding giving your baby any at all!!


Chives may seem like a harmless food, but they contain large amounts of thio sulfate, which is extremely harmful to hamsters. This compound causes hemolytic anemia and leads to the total destruction of red blood cells! Avoid feeding chives to your pet at all costs.

Chives are also extremely acidic in nature, and since hamsters have a very sensitive digestive system, chives can cause serious problems for them.

What Not To Feed Your Hamster?

This goes for pregnant females too: avoid giving them anything that contains chives; – their babies can also be affected by this harmful ingredient, and it’s best not to take any chances with their lives!

If you think about how much these tiny animals eat (and we’re talking only grams here), even small traces would cause significant issues. Their systems are very delicate and should not be tampered with in any way. They are best when left alone!


Onions are another food which may seem harmless but, in actuality, is very dangerous for your hamster. They contain thiosulphates, which can cause hemolytic anaemia in small mammals such as hamsters!

This chemical compound causes the destruction of red blood cells, leading to significant health complications that will be incredibly difficult to deal with, if not impossible- so it’s best just to avoid onions altogether.

This is especially true for pregnant hamsters, who do not need additional stress or harsh chemicals during their pregnancy–these substances can harm them before, during, and after giving birth! Because this ingredient destroys red blood cells, the effects on babies could be fatal; imagine what long-term exposure could do to them!

Avoid feeding onion powder or anything that includes these ingredients – even small traces can cause extensive problems for your pet hamster. It’s best to err on the side of caution and avoid giving any food with onions in it at all .

If you feed your hamster one of these harmful foods, make sure they get immediate veterinary attention before irreversible damage happens- especially during pregnancy, when the effects will be magnified exponentially. Don’t risk losing a furry family member due to an easily preventable mistake by just avoiding certain types of food completely!


Garlic is toxic to hamsters and can lead them to an early death. The dangerous substance known as thiosulfate, found within garlic cloves, has been shown by science studies to eventually result in the rupturing of your pet’s red blood cells, causing serious illness or even possible death if left untreated.

As you must be already aware, your hamster’s digestive system is extremely sensitive and something as strong as garlic can cause severe distress to it. Garlic also does not have any beneficial nutrients, so what is the point of feeding garlic to hamsters?


Candy has a lot of sugar and is not good for hamsters. It can make them very sick as it’s full of chemicals, preservatives and artificial sweeteners which are all bad news to your furry friend!

Also, their digestive system does not break down hard candy, so there is no nutritional benefit from giving this treat to your pet hamster . Instead, you should give them something healthier, like some fruit or vegetables.

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Candy is not good for hamsters, because it contains sugar and too much of anything sweet can lead to obesity. Obesity shortens your hamsters’ lifespan as well as leads to other health related issues such as heart disease. If you want to keep them healthy, make sure they do not get any candy!

Citrus Fruits Such As Oranges,Limes,Lemons And Grapefruit.

Citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons are another variety of fruit that you should avoid giving to your hamster. These types of foods can cause stomach upsets in small animals with sensitive digestive systems, like hamsters, which will lead to them becoming sick .

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Even though these foods taste nice, they do not have any nutritional value for your pet, so it’s best if you leave this type of food out of the way!

Another problem arises when citrus fruits are ingested by hamsters. Because they have high acidity levels and this can cause serious stomach issues and dental issues as well. The high level of acid in these citrus fruits can seriously affect your hamsters’ teeth and result in rapid degradation of their teeth.

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Iceberg Lettuce

Iceberg lettuce is just one of the vegetables that are bad for hamsters. It has no nutritional value and it’s best if you don’t even try to feed this type of food!

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It also contains properties that act as diuretics, meaning they make the body expel excess fluid much more quickly than usual- something that can lead to dehydration much faster than normal!


Pickles are salty, which means they contain high levels of sodium. Hamsters should not eat things that have too much salt in them as it can lead to serious health problems in the future, such as increased blood pressure or even kidney damage!

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This is especially true if your hamster is pregnant, because there’s an added risk the baby will be born with some kind of condition- so make sure you avoid giving pickles at all costs . It could cost a life!

Even though pickles taste good, they have no nutritional value and it’s best if you give them something healthier instead- that way everyone is happy!

Picking the right foods for your beloved furry friend may be difficult, but it will pay off in the long run by keeping them healthy and preventing any unnecessary suffering or pain. Always double-check with an expert before feeding anything new, so you know what is safe and what is not!

Raw Potatoes

Raw potatoes are another food which you should keep away from your hamster. This is because raw potatoes contain a toxin called solanine. This substance is extremely dangerous to most mammals and, naturally, nearly fatal to hamsters.

Hence, it’s always advised that if at all, you’re inclined to give potatoes to your furry friend, make sure they are boiled or baked.


Spices are another food which you should not give to your hamster. These foods have dangerous chemicals in them that can cause serious health problems for your furry friend .

These spices contain things like capsaicin that are extremely harmful to small animals with sensitive digestive systems!

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That’s why it is always advised against feeding these kinds of spicy foods to any pet, as they can cause vomiting or diarrhea , both of which will eventually lead to malnutrition if the problem keeps up.

Also, some spices, such as nutmeg and cinnamon, contain very high levels of oils within them that may result in pancreatitis (inflammation) ! This could be fatal for a small animal like a hamster!

So to wrap things up, it’s advised that you avoid feeding spicy foods to your hamster at all costs! It is always best if you stick with giving them some yummy fruits and veggies instead.


Chocolate is a treat which many of us love to have from time to time, but it’s one that should be avoided at all costs with hamsters.

This is because chocolate contains caffeine as well as theobromine, and this can cause heart problems , seizures, and even death in small animals like hamsters! It’s best if you avoid giving them any sort of chocolate or anything that has cocoa powder/cacao beans in it- otherwise there could be serious consequences for your pet!

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Jam and jelly are another type of food that you should never give to your hamster. This is because they contain lots of sugar, which can cause obesity as well as diabetes in small animals!

Also, if given too much, it could also lead to digestive distress, dental problems, and a whole host of other health issues for them- so avoid giving these at all costs or keep the amount extremely minimal.

Raw Kidney Beans

Raw kidney beans are another food which you should avoid giving to your hamster. The reason behind this is that raw kidney beans contain hemaglutin, which can cause red blood cell clumping!

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This will eventually lead to cells being destroyed or even death , so it’s best if you keep away from feeding them these foods at all costs- but do feel free to give them other types of legumes instead, as they have much more nutritional value and won’t cause any negative side effects along the way.


Rhubarb is another type of food which you should avoid giving to your hamster. The reason for this is because it contains high levels of oxalates that are harmful to small animals!

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Too much oxalate accumulation in your hamsters’ bodies can lead to a condition called hyperoxaluria, which results in the accumulation of calcium oxalate crystals in the organs of your hamsters. It can lead to kidney stones’ formation and eventually kidney failure for your hamsters.

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Wrapping Up

In conclusion, make sure you avoid feeding any food from this list!Please keep in mind that this list is in no way exhaustive and it is impossible to write about and include every single food that might be harmful to your hamster.

Dangerous and toxic foods can lead to serious health problems or even death for your furry friend, so it is best if they stay away from these types of things at all costs .

When choosing what food you want to feed your furry friend, make sure you always double check before hand so there are no mistakes made during feeding times . Don’t take chances when your pet’s health is on the line. You can find a list of safe foods to feed your hamster below.

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