Which Is The Rarest Betta Fish?

Betta fish are one of the most popular types of pet fish in the world, rivaling goldfish and tropical fish.

Betta fish originated from Asia, especially from Thailand. Betta fish have been known to live in rice paddies and other agricultural wastelands as well as shallow streams of water.

Betta fish were actually used by the ancient Siamese people for fighting purposes since they can grow up to three inches long which is about eight centimeters with their fine fins that are made specifically for battle purpose against its opponent.


They will puff themselves out or flare up if threatened or angry and this was how betta got its name. It is called the ‘ betta splendens’ which means beautiful warrior.

The betta fish is known for its rich color and long fins which is why it was patronized by the King of Thailand then called Siam.

The betta fish can be red, orange, green and yellow but the most popular colour for this beautiful freshwater species is called blue or blue-green because of its iridescent scales that glitters in different colours depending on how you view them under light.

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The betta gets its color due to its rich pigmentation. So, when there is no pigmentation it becomes the rarest betta. So the rarest Betta fish is the albino betta fish which has absolutely no pigmentation except in its eyes.

The albino Betta fish is completely white like moonlight and only the eyes are slightly pink. This is why it is considered as the rarest betta and also was treated as lucky to possess this fish.

Since the rarity of this fish is deeply connected to its pigmentation, it is pretty rare to find the albino Betta fish and due to this reason they’re extremely expensive.


There have been efforts to breed the albino better fish with other fish in order to bring them out in different varieties. These varieties are with reference to the different types of tails like the crown tail or the double tail etc.

It is a myth that a beta should be placed in only a small tank and as a pet owner, the most decent thing to do would be to provide your betta with a 3 gallon tank. However, the recommended size is usually 5 gallons. Also ensure a heater.

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Betta fish do not require high maintenance, but they do need to be kept warm and clean. The betta fish should have a water temperature of around 78-82 degrees Fahrenheit or about 25.6 – 28 Celsius.

A few regular water changes and feeding at regular intervals with lighting at regular intervals or basic tips to keep your better fish healthy.

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