Can Cats Eat Popcorn? All You Wanted To know !

Is popcorn good for cats? This is a question many cat owners ask themselves – but the answer isn’t so simple. There are some major factors to take into account when deciding if your cat should eat popcorn. 

Do your cats like popcorn? Cats are curious creatures by nature, but they also have sensitive stomachs. What happens if they eat too much popcorn? Can popcorn make them sick? This article will provide you with answers to these questions and more!

Cat trying to smell popcorn

In order to fully get why certain kinds of popcorn are harmful or dangerous to your cat, it is important to grasp what exactly is in it.

What Is Popcorn Made Of ?

The most common ingredients in popcorn are corn kernels that have been heated until they pop. As the popping process occurs many different flavourings can be added such as buttery flavors (like cheddar cheese), salty flavours like onion salt or bacon flavoring and sweet toppings made from brown sugar or cinnamon sugar.

There are also other flavor combinations available including dill pickle seasoning mix, ranch dressing mix, hot sauce flakes combination and more! It is precisely these Ingredients that are added as extra flavouring to plain popcorn, that makes it harmful to your cats.

Is Popcorn Toxic For Cats?

Plain air popped popcorn is not toxic to cats. Cats can eat a “small amount of popcorn without any ill effects on their health but should avoid eating too much at one time.Unbuttered popped popcorn is safe because it contains no toxins or allergens that would make them sick.

Cat eating popcorn

However, the problem arises when these same cats eat buttered popcorn! Butter contains milk protein casein which in high-enough doses can cause an allergic reaction in some felines leading to vomiting and diarrhoea (the symptoms are very similar to those seen with lactose intolerance).

Cats who experience this type of response may then avoid eating anything else containing dairy products out of fear they will get sick again; so be careful what you use as your home movie theater snack if Fluffy is joining too!

Can I Give My Cat Popcorn?

Popcorn isn’t the best idea for them because it is high in carbs ! Keep in mind: Cats are carnivores so they don’t need a lot of carbohydrates in their diet. The one exception would be plain air popped corn which contains no added ingredients (butter, salt).

If you want to give your cat popcorn, there are a few things to keep in mind. Cats should only eat plain air popped corn without butter or other toppings (like salt and sugar) at snack time.

Cat eating popcorn

Popped popcorn is not toxic for cats but they do need smaller portions than we humans would recommend .Cats cannot digest it well and it can cause stomach upset if consumed in higher quantities.

Ideally, cats should avoid eating buttered popcorn altogether because dairy products can irritate sensitive stomachs.If your cat eats too much cereal grains they may experience some gastrointestinal issues such as gas and diarrhea.

Can I Give My Kitten Popcorn?

Unfortunately, a kitten cannot eat popcorn at all. Cats must be 12 weeks old before they can have any solid foods and this is the age at which their digestive system starts to become mature .

Even After 12 weeks, it is recommended that popcorn should not be given to kittens.They lack the necessary enzymes in their stomachs for proper digestion. Cats typically stop producing lactase after weaning, which is when a mother cat would normally provide their kitten with milk.

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For this reason, it’s safer not to feed them anything containing dairy products like butter or cheese (or even too many carbohydrates!) since some cats may have an allergic reaction and become sick from eating these food items . If you are concerned about your young kitty’s diet, consult with your veterinarian for dietary advice!

What Other Varieties Of Popcorn Should Be Avoided ?

Things to keep in mind while feeding popcorn to your cat

Can We Give Buttered Popcorn To Cats ?

Buttered popcorn might seem like fun way to give your cat something new but some cats’ stomachs cannot tolerate dairy products well. Butter contains milk protein casein which when eaten by cats in high enough doses can lead to an allergic reaction.

Can We Give Caramel Popcorn To Cats?

Cats shouldn’t be given any type of caramelized popcorn – it contains high levels of sugar which is toxic for them.. They also need to avoid products containing artificial flavors due to the ingredients in these additives which are harmful for cats (e g , Red 40)

Can We Give Ready To Eat Microwaved Popcorn To Cats?

Cats should avoid microwaved popcorn because they contain a large amount of butter and salt which could make them sick .The artificial flavours in microwave popcorn can contain chemicals that are harmful for your cat’s health . If you do give a little bit of microwaved popcorn, make sure it is plain air popped corn with no fats!  

Some non-buttered varieties like coconut oil popcorns that use canola oil as its only cooking ingredient may be okay.But you should be careful with adding salt so that they don’t get diarrhea from too much sodium in their diet  or experience stomach upset from eating something new altogether.

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Can We Give Cats Green or Yellow popping corn?

This type of corn is not recommended because the kernels are still unpopped and contain more air than regular popped varieties.

Can We Give Cats Chocolate Flavoured Popcorn?

Cats should also avoid any popcorn flavored with chocolate. Cats can’t eat chocolate because it’s toxic to them and the caffeine in these flavors will make their heart beat faster, which is dangerous for a small animal like a cat .

Can We Give Cats Garlic Flavoured Popcorn?

Cats should avoid popcorn with garlic flavoring. Cats can’t eat this because it’s toxic to them.Garlic contains compounds that enter your cat’s circulation and cause red blood cells to burst, resulting in hemolytic anaemia, which is a life-threatening disease that requires immediate medical attention. Vomiting, breathing problems, diarrhoea, and pale gums are just a few of the signs you may notice. 

What To Do If My Cat Starts To Choke On Popcorn ?

Popcorn kernels are very small and can easily become lodged in your cat’s throat if they accidentally inhale one while eating. Cats should always be supervised when you give them any type of food, especially popcorn.

Cats are a lot smaller than we humans and their airways may be easily blocked by food – even something as small as popcorn kernels! Cats also have sensitive gag reflexes which make them more likely to spit up anything that wasn’t chewed properly.

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If a Popcorn kernel gets stuck in their throat, it could cause:

– Breathing difficulties because the kernel is blocking their airway .

– A choking sensation that leads to coughing or gagging which may result in vomiting. Cats choke on popcorn more often than dogs do due to smaller size so this problem needs attention quickly!

You need to take action immediately if you suspect your cat has choked on something remember waiting will only make things worse.Cats won’t react well when choked because of how quickly their body starts shutting down due to lack of oxygen. The key for preventing an emergency situation is getting the food out in time before they lose consciousness!

If possible remove the object from the mouth with your fingers. Cats are typically unwilling to let go of food they are eating so you may need to use a water bottle or sprayer filled with cold water and force the cat’s mouth open. You can also try using something such as your finger, pen lid, tweezers or spoon handle between their teeth.

If you are unable to remove the obstruction try to attempt the Heimlich manoeuvre on you cat:

  • Position the cat on its side. 
  • Place one hand on its back. 
  • Place your other hand on its stomach, right below the ribcage. 
  • Give repeated strong pushes in and up with your hand on its tummy. 
  • Remove any foreign items from the mouth, then shut it and blow a few short breaths via the nose. 

Rep these procedures until you are certain that there is no foreign item in the airway. 

Check for a heartbeat or pulse if the cat is still not breathing after the foreign item has been removed. If none can be discovered, start CPR and/or artificial breathing as required, and immediately transport your cat to the veterinarian.Choking on popcorn could lead to fatal complications if not treated swiftly!

Once your cat starts breathing again give him/her lots of love and attention because this frightening episode may have just scared it silly! Cats who choke often need time to get over the fear and anxiety it caused.

Tips On How You Can Add Popcorn Into Your Cat’s Life:

Cats love treats so surprise them with popcorn on special occasions such as their birthday or the holidays. It is not recommended to make popcorn a part of your cat’s daily diet.

If you must feed your cat plain air popped corn without any toppings avoid giving it more than two cups at one time. Tip the kernels into a bowl or on the ground and let your cat eat at his own pace.

Cats who have never been exposed to popcorn before should be introduced gradually and carefully, so they don’t choke on the pieces of popcorn.

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Wrapping Up :

So, what is the verdict on popcorn for cats? It’s not a good idea to give it as a regular treat. However, if you do want your cat to have some,plain unflavoured popcorn is okay in moderation. If you notice that they eat too much of it or start choking on pieces of popcorn while eating them- stop giving them any more!

Cats can be sneaky little creatures and often don’t show obvious signs when they are getting sick from food items like this one.

To make sure your cat stays healthy- observe carefully how much popcorn he eats and take note if anything seems off about his behavior after partaking in this snack!

Consult with your veterinarian about the benefits and risks associated with feeding your cat this tasty snack.



Why Is My Cat Obsessed WithPopcorn?

Cats may enjoy eating popcorn because it is a tasty snack for them, but there are also some other possible your cat might have such an obsession- including:

The texture of air popped corn resembles something similar to mouse droppings or insect larvae which could appeal to their hunting instincts

Cats really like watching from above (where you would pop popcorn) and grabbing pieces as they come out at random intervals while being entertained by the popping sound.

The smell of the kernels cooking can be very appealing to cats, especially if they are hungry or seeking out their next meal. Cats have an incredible sense of smell that surpasses ours by 12 times! Cats love being able to sniff things from a distance and detecting new smells is always exciting for them!

If your cat is obsessed with popcorn snacking,It might not be a good idea to give your cat any more of these for a long time until its obsession passes.. If he continues asking for popcorn when offered other healthy snacks such as dry kibble then speak to your veterinarian about what could be causing his cravings and see if there are any other potential causes.

Can Popcorn Kernels Kill Cats?

The kernels themselves should not be lethal to cats although it could cause choking if your cat doesn’t chew them up and swallows large pieces.Cats who eat popcorn kernels may experience respiratory issues, intestinal obstruction or choking.

Some cats have died after choking on popcorn kernels. Cats can choke when pieces of the kernel get lodged in their throat or windpipe and block airways. Cats may also die from asphyxiation, which is a lack of oxygen to the brain caused by not being able to breathe due to obstruction. Cats who choke on popcorn kernels also risk neurological damage.

Cats that have never been exposed before,should be given the taste test with caution! If you notice them eating too much of it or struggling while chewing- stop giving them any more until their obsession passes!

If a cat does ingest large pieces of popcorn kernel that cause obstruction then emergency treatment can help relieve some of the respiratory distress. This may include chest compressions, artificial respiration and even surgery if necessary which could lead to recovery from the obstruction.

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