Do Dogs Kill Cats? Do Dogs Eat Cats? & More

Do Do kill cats and Do dogs eat cats has always bee a mooted question. In this blog we will explore the answers to these questions, the reasons, ways of handling dogs and cats and even about how we can get cats and dogs to be friends. So all that you need to do is read on!!

Do Dogs Kill Cats?

Dogs kill cats…this is something that many pet owners have heard before. Some people will say it’s a fact and others will argue about the truth behind this statement.

However, no one can deny how much dogs love to chase after cats! It’s time for all you dog lovers out there to hear some interesting facts about your beloved pets.


On 18th June 2021 a pet cat was killed by a dog. The owner who tried to save his pet was also injured by the dog.

Dogs are our best friends, but sometimes they kill cats. Although they are the most popular pets in America, they can be dangerous to other animals.

Cats might seem like an easy target because they’re small. Dogs kill cats. It’s a sad fact, but it is true.


Dogs are not naturally born to be enemies with cats, but these two pets have been known to injure and even kill one another when they get into fights in the wild or at home. Cats have very sharp claws which can deal grave injuries. gif maker 19 1

Do Dogs Eat Cats?

Dogs kill cats but do not eat them. Cats, with their sharp claws and teeth can be quite difficult if they feel threatened. A fight between the two usually results in death or severe injury for one of the two.

Dogs don’t eat their kills like most animals do, instead they just kill them then move on. In most cases, dogs don’t actually kill cats on purpose. It is not clear why they don’t eat them after killing them.


There are however some exceptional cases where a dog might end up eating a cat.

Some breeds of dogs have been known to be more aggressive than others which means that other breeds are more likely to attack and kill other animals than other friendly breeds. gif maker 9

Can A Dog Kill A Cat Easily?

Most people have heard of the age old rivalry between cats and dogs, but some may not know that in fact, dogs are better equipped to kill cats.

Dogs are more efficient killers because they have large jaws with sharp teeth while cats only have small incisors.  

Cats are much more elusive and cannot be caught easily. Cats can climb high places like trees or even buildings and become unreachable to dogs.


So it’s very rare that a cat is easily available to the dog. However, if a dog does manage to catch a cat, it can easily kill it. A dog is typically much larger and heavier than a cat.

One of the most common reasons for this difference in strength is because dogs have more muscle mass. 

Dogs also have more power in their jaws than cats do, so if they bite down on an item, it will take much more force to pry them off in comparison to a cat. gif maker 11 1

Do Dogs See Cats As Prey?

Dogs are wild animals. They have a predatory instinct and some breeds such as Rottweilers, German Shepherds, and Huskies were originally bred to hunt.

It is important for all dog owners to understand their pet’s natural instincts. Dogs have a predatory instinct that can be traced back to wolves.

They are often born with this natural hunting instinct and will chase anything they see as prey, from cats, squirrels and are always on the lookout for something or someone they can play with, eat or just generally interact with.


Dogs are known for their love of chasing down things, whether that thing be a ball, cat or even another dog.

As it turns out, dogs like to treat cats as more of a game than prey. So prey might not be the right term to use since a prey is hunted to be eaten. gif maker 20 1

Is It Normal For Dogs To Eat Cats?

There is a common misconception that dogs will eat anything. This, in most cases, is not true. Dogs don’t normally eat cats. It’s not normal for a dog to actually ‘eat’ a cat.

However, animals have been known to eat other animals. In that sense, the dog eating a cat cannot be treated as totally abnormal.


The question in itself has to be understood in the proper sense. Your dog is not an abnormal beast or devil if it ends up eating a cat due to sheer instinct.

The reasons behind the incident have to be analyzed before arriving at a conclusion.

Do not take drastic decisions about sending away the dog for something that can still be handled. gif maker 12 1

When Will A Dog Kill A Cat?

Dogs are Territorial:

Dogs are the best friends a person could ask for. They will always be there for you and they provide unconditional love.

However, this doesn’t mean that they are not territorial. Dogs are descendants of wolves and as such, they have a natural instinct to be territorial.

Dogs are domesticated but they still have impulses to behave as if they were in the wild. This means that dogs will display territorial behavior with other animals.

Hunting Dogs are Instinctive:

Hunting dogs have been trained for centuries to chase and catch prey. This is a skill that they can turn on or off, depending on whether there are any animals around.

There are many different breeds of hunting dog and each breed has its own unique characteristics.

Hunting dogs have been honed for their chasing skills and as a result they may instinctively attack a cat for no reason.


Whilst dogs perceive staring as a threat and a challenge, cats are merely staring at the dog in apprehension and being alert with their tails up.

This misunderstanding might lead to a confrontational situation between two as well.

Predatory Aggression & Control:

Since dogs are predators, they might think that it is time for them to take control of their environment and therefore become more aggressive towards any animal who enters their territory.

Cats usually run away from a confrontation but when caught off guard, they may also retaliate which could lead to injuries caused by scratching or biting .

Dogs Just Chase:

Dogs are known for their playful demeanor. They want to run, jump, and just have fun! One way they may try to get your attention is by pawing at you or nudging you with their nose.

Cats can be a little less understanding.  This could turn into a fight with cat clawing at the dog which is then taken by surprise. gif maker 13 1

When Or Why Will A Dog Eat A Cat?

Dogs are very much aware that they need to eat in order to survive. Sometimes, when there is no food for dogs or when the dog is starved, it can resort to eating other animals like cats.

This may be done only if the dog has reached a certain level of desperation and hunger.

However, this does not mean that all dogs will kill cats just because they are hungry enough; in fact, most dogs would actually prefer other food over cat meat. gif maker 24

Is This A Frequent Phenomenon?

Dogs eating cats is not a frequent phenomenon, but it does happen. There are several different explanations for why dogs eat cats, and many of them have to do with stress or territoriality.

While dogs may attack cats, this rarely leads to the death of the cat. gif maker 2021 11 18T112239.771

When your dog eats a cat, it can be scary. Hiring a dog behaviour specialist can help in such situations.

You can get in touch with a dog behavior specialist who will be able to assess the situation better and the reason as well.

This will help calm you down and change your negative impression about your dog if any. Your dog will also benefit from this in more than one ways. gif maker 2021 11 18T112308.259

Some dog owners have found that their dogs become jealous of the cat when they are given more attention. It is important to give both pets equal time and love because it can even cause depression in dogs.

Dogs are known to be very loyal animals, but it is interesting to see the reactions of dogs when their owner gives more attention to another pet.


Dogs can become jealous and will resort to certain actions that may seem odd or funny at times.

It’s important for dog owners to understand why this happens so they can help their pets feel better and prevent any fights between the cat and the dog.

This is more so when you have both a dog and a cat as pets. gif maker 16 1

Are Cats And Dogs Instinctive Enemies?

Cats and dogs are often thought of as natural enemies because they have a historic rivalry.

However, there are many examples where these animals live together without any problems at all!


There is no truth behind the idea that cats and dogs cannot exist in harmony; it only takes proper training for them to learn how to get along with each other.

Most pets who do not receive enough attention will act out against another animal just so someone will pay attention to them again. gif maker 21 1

Pet Dogs And Wild Dogs

You might think that your domesticated dog is just like a wild canine, but the truth is they’re not.

Domesticated dogs are bred to be friendly around humans and are also usually smaller than their wild counterparts.

They don’t have as much energy either because they’ve been bred to live indoors with us for most of their lives.


And unlike canines in the wild, domesticated dogs don’t really need hunting skills since we provide them with food every day! 

So what’s the difference between these two types of animals? 

Wild Dogs Haven’t Adapted :

Wild dogs differ from domesticated ones in many ways–they generally hunt alone rather than in a pack, have no language skills whatsoever (like domesticated dogs), and lack any kind of social hierarchy within their own species.

These animals also tend to be more aggressive than their domestic counterparts. As a result cohabiting with cats is not a natural or normal phenomenon to such dogs.

Predatory Instincts Of A Wild Dog Is Higher:

Domestic dogs will play with cats but wild dogs have high predatory aggression and can attack cats.wild dogs that live in the woods can pose a serious threat to your cat.

They will often attack for no reason other than their predatory instinct which is much higher than it would be if they were domesticated.

Your dog may be a perfect angel, but for some dogs living in the wild, they have more wolfish instincts. gif maker 22

How Do Cats Defend Themselves?

Run Away:

Cats are known to run away from any sort of threat. They’re averse to getting too close, and they usually run away from any perceived threat. 


When a cat’s territory is invaded by something it fears (like another animal, or even your dog), it will flee the scene as quickly as possible. Cats usually run away from threat. They may hiss and growl to display power and then run away.


If the threat is too close then the cat may first claw at the dog before running away. This may trigger the dog to turn aggressive.


Cats are very quick to climb high and out of reach. They can be found in places ranging from bookshelves and windowsills to trees and buildings.

It is usually therefore rare for a dog to catch a cat. This is also because cats are more swift and agile when it comes to escaping.

Dogs, who never have seen the need to run away, are not so adept at it. gif maker 23

What To Do If A Dog Attacks A Cat? 

It is important to separate them when they fight. If not separated properly, this could lead to injuries.

Dogs do not realize that they are actually pretty powerful animals, and can easily end up hurting the cat.

Having a crate for the cat is a good thing since it will make the cat feel secure.

Pro Tip 1: Do not pamper your cat at this time since it could only make things worse by the dog becoming jealous.

Pro Tip 2: Do not scold or beat the poor dog because it is not going to understand what is happening and why it is being beaten. gif maker 10 1

How To Prevent A Dog From Attacking A Cat? gif maker 2021 11 18T112409.928

Reward your dog for being nice with the cat so the dog understands that it pays off to put up good behaviour. It also makes the dog feel you are giving it attention. gif maker 2021 11 18T112426.373

Ensure you make your dog understand that being aggressive was not appreciated and that you are not pleased with such behavior by using the basic commands like ‘no’, ‘bad dog’ etc. gif maker 2021 11 18T112444.287

Ensure you give your dog good amount of attention. Remember your cat does not need as much attention as the dog does. gif maker 2021 11 18T112459.418

Feed the dog and the cat at the same times at separate places to enforce equality amongst them. This way your dog develops a companionship feeling for the cat. gif maker 2021 11 18T112516.826

Exercise your dog so he does not feel the need for vent of energy and retires peacefully while the cat sleeps too. gif maker 2021 11 18T112537.656

Provide both the pets with their separate toys to keep them engaged and busy. This will keep them occupied in their own ways with the need to cross paths. gif maker 2021 11 18T112637.108

Talk to your dog and fondle him, making him feel important before you settle down with your cat on your lap.

Do not let your cat go out unsupervised. Whilst cats like going out, make sure they are not in the vicinity of danger. gif maker 15 1

How Can You Get Your Dog And Cat To Be Friendly? 

Dogs and cats can be friends too. Bringing them up together from a young age is the best way to ensure that they get along when you introduce them as adults.

Cats are one of the most popular pets due to their independent nature, but many people wonder if it’s even possible for dogs and cats to live in harmony together.

The answer is yes! There are plenty of examples where dogs and cats have become inseparable buddies.


I have seen my Weimaraner Rosy treat my cat Honey with great respect. In fact they became the cover picture of a dog magazine.

I have also seen my Dalmatian Danny think twice before treading into the house with cats. I remember my Irish Setter Steve inviting my cats Daffy and Toffee to play as well.

So it’s definitely possible to have dogs and cats together with no problems at all.

Which Dogs Are Generally Known To Be Cat Friendly?

Toy breeds and small breed dogs are the best to have with cats. Given my experience with dogs and cats I would say it all depends on you.

However you have to do your homework about the dog breed before you dive. The following dogs good options if you would like to have dogs and together.

Remember that the key is their young age. gif maker 2021 11 18T112348.198

Which Dogs Are Known To Not Be Cat Friendly?

These dogs are not exactly domesticated with the intention of being friendly pets but rather as utility dogs with hunting instincts. The dog breeds have been bred to sharpen their hunting skills rather than tone them down. gif maker 2021 11 18T112327.781

Before you take a decision, keep these aspects in mind so that you can either have these dogs without the cats or look at other dog breeds with cats.


Remember, every dog has its personality and merely because the dogs aggressive by breed, it does not mean that they are not at all capable of adapting with cats.

With a little extra effort and caution you may be able to achieve harmony between the dogs and cats as well.

Pro Tip: if at any moment you do feel that the dog poses a threat to the cat, then it is important that you immediately take steps to keep them away.

Wrapping Up:

Dogs are capable of killing cats, but they rarely do. Cats can be scared by dogs and will usually run away or hiss if the dog approaches them.

It’s not uncommon for a cat to scratch at the dog in defense or try to claw its eyes out when threatened with death so any scratches on the face need medical attention immediately.

If you have any questions about how your pets should interact with one another contact a Dog behaviorist who specializes in dog care! gif maker 2021 11 22T222634.326

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