Do Dogs Know Their Names? Do Dogs Know Its Their Name?

Dogs are one of the most popular animals in our society. They make great companions and can be trained to do tricks. But do dogs know their names? Do they understand it is their name?

How do you train a dog to know its name? What are the signs that your dog knows its name? Can you change a dog’s name? Do dogs recognize their owners?

Do dogs know we love them? Do dogs understand humans? This article will answer all these questions for you.

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Puppies do not know their names initially. Puppies learn their name as they grow. They will respond to a new word or sound with a bark, whine, or whimper within the first few weeks of life without knowing what it is.

Dogs need to be trained to learn their names and respond to their names. Once you teach your dog its name though, it will be very obedient because it knows who you are talking to when giving commands.

Think about a whole lot of police dogs. Imagine you need to give each dog a different command. Unless each dog knows its name, there’s going to be a lot of confusion.

My dogs know their names like the back of their paws. They come running and sit in front of me as soon as I say their name. It’s pretty cute, but it also makes my life a lot easier! 

Dogs are one of the most intelligent animals and they can understand up to 250-300 commands. The more you train your dog, the more intelligent it will become.

Naming dogs is not something new. It has been prevalent from the Egyptian times where they used to name their dogs after Gods and Goddesses. These names were specific to an individual dog which helped identify them apart.

Even today, we see a lot of people naming their pets after celebrities, cartoon characters, and even popular movie characters! This trend is common among children who love choosing such cute names for their furry friends who are a part of their family.

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Dogs know that a particular word is their name because they have been trained to respond when it’s said. They understand the difference between words and what they mean, for example, “sit” means sit down, and “no” means don’t do it.

Sometimes dogs seem like smart animals because of this knowledge. Dogs are very intelligent creatures! Understanding language is one thing but understanding the meaning behind certain words makes them even smarter than we thought.

Dogs have been known to come when they hear their name being called from across the room. So, if a dog is responding to your call and coming to you, it means the dog knows its name.

In other words, the dog is associating itself with the word that is being uttered and knows it’s being called to action. There can only be one meaning to this. that the dog knows its name. At least, I don’t doubt this.


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Call It By Its Name 

You can teach a dog its name by repeatedly calling it by that name. Dogs are pretty great learners and they love to be trained. You can teach a dog its name by repeatedly calling it by that name until the dog starts looking at you when you say its name.

For example, if your dog’s name was Max, all you need to do is repeat “Max” over and over again every time he looks at you or sits down next to you until eventually, he will start responding as soon as he hears “Max.”

After some more repetition, Max should respond almost immediately when his name is called out from across the room! 

Look Into Its Eye 

Dogs can be taught their names when they’re puppies or even when they’re adults. All you need to do is call your dog by its name in a happy voice while looking into its eyes for five seconds, then give it a treat!

Doing this will allow your dog to know that every time someone calls out his name, he’s going to get something great like food or playtime- so he’ll listen better! The more you practice with him the better he’ll get at learning his name.

Increase Distance 

Once a dog responds to its name, increase the distance between you and the dog. You would have noticed that your dog is always getting into things, running around the house like crazy, and rummaging around.

They’re not even really paying attention to you anymore. One of the best ways to regain control over this furry little creature is by increasing their distance and letting them know that distance doesn’t matter and he needs to listen up if he needs a reward.

Reward It When It Responds

The key thing while teaching a dog its name is rewarding it for reacting to the sound of its name. If you want your pet to know what they are being called, then they need to react when they hear their name and get rewarded for doing so.

Reward the reaction with affection first and then a treat. This will help the dog to associate itself with its name and not merely for the reward. First, pet the dog and ruffle it before handing over the treat.

Don’t Use Different Names 

When you are training your dog, it is very important that you only use one name. If you call your dog with different names when you are trying to get its attention, it can lead to confusion in the future. 

It is also important that you maintain the same tone during training sessions because dogs distinguish between sounds so well. if Also be sure to never give up if he seems unresponsive at times because the dog might have its ups and downs.

Practice Makes Perfect 

Have you ever felt like your dog just doesn’t listen to a thing you’re saying? It’s probably because they don’t know what you’re talking about.

Dogs cannot understand human language, so for them to learn words, we have to teach them through repetition and association. The more time we spend calling our dogs over and over again, the more it will eventually associate our voice with action.

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Several indicators show a dog is reacting to its name when you call it. Some of these include s, looking at you, running towards you, barking, and wagging their tail.

These actions are all very common for dogs when they hear their names being called out. Let’s take a look at some of the common ones.

Looking Back

A dog knows its name. It will look back at you when you call its name no matter where they are or who is around them. They may not come to you right away, but they will remember their name and know that you are the one calling them.


Another sign that a dog knows its name, is it will become alert when you call its name, and some dogs might even come running! It is a common misconception that a dog does not know its name, but they do.

There are many reasons why your pup may be ignoring you when you try to get their attention but they do know their name.


They will start barking at you when you call its name. This is because the dog has a sense of self-awareness and they know that it is their name being called.

It turns out that the sound of your voice stimulates happy feelings in dogs which causes them to react positively to your words. 

Head Tilting

You know when you call your dog and they start tilting their head? They are listening to you say their name. Your dog knows its name, so don’t be afraid to use it! Don’t forget that dogs can distinguish between a name and a command. gif maker 2021 11 28T225701.339

Wagging Its Tail

If you have a dog, then you know how they will start wagging their tail as soon as you call them by name. It’s so adorable and it can make your day. But what is happening? 

The sound of your voice sends a signal to the part of their brain that controls emotions, which activates the pleasure centers in their brain. 


When you call your dog, they will run towards you. They know their name and it’s a pretty cool thing to see. This is the best part when your loved one comes running to you.

Sometimes I wonder if my dog knows he can talk back to me when I ask him questions or even just say his name.

Tail Up

Dog’s are probably the most intelligent animals out there, they know their name better than any other animal.

They will put their tail up when you call them, even if they are in the middle of doing something else to tell you that their ears have picked your call and the antenna (tail) is responding.

Perked up Ears 

When you call your dog’s name, they perk up their ears and look around for the source of the noise. They know it’s them because they can feel their own identity with every bark or whine.

This is why most dogs can learn so many tricks about being a good boy or girl.

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A dog may not take more than 3-7 days to learn its name. This is a very good thing for the owner because it means that they can call their dog’s attention and get them to come back when they are out of eyesight.

It also means that you won’t have to walk around with a leash dragging behind you all day!

They are intelligent creatures and love praise from their owners, so once your dog has learned his or her name it will be easy enough to teach them any other command as well.

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People often change their dog’s name when they get a new one. The thinking behind this is that since the dog can’t tell you that it has already been called by another name, then your dog will learn to respond to the new name immediately.

Unfortunately, this isn’t true and some steps need to be taken before you start calling your pooch ‘Lassie’ or ‘Rin Tin Tin.’ You will need to put in extra effort to change an adult dog’s name, but it can be done.

There are a few different ways you can go about this process. You can teach your dog a new word that they have never heard before, or you could give them a command that is the same as their old one.

For example, if your dog’s name was “Fido” and you wanted to change his name to “Rocky”, then every time he does something good from now on rewarding him with praise like “Good Rocky!” or throw him a treat so he associates being called Rocky with getting treats. 

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Dogs are often considered to be one of the smartest animals on earth, and can definitely differentiate between their names and commands.

It has been proven that dogs might not know what exactly you’re saying, but they can tell if it’s a command and they know what to do on each command. They can clearly know if you are giving it a command or you are just calling. 

Dogs have evolved to understand humans since we live together in society. Dogs also have very good memories so once they learn something new, it stays with them forever!

Have you ever noticed how well-trained dogs are? They listen when called by name even if there is lots of noise around them. That’s because they remember that you talked to them after calling their name.

The fact that your dog looks at you or reacts to you when you call its name and sits down when you tell it to sit, shows that it can differentiate between a name and a command.

Of course, if you’ve seen a police dog in action it’s even more clear that they know the difference between their names and commands.

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Dogs have been a part of human lives for thousands of years and they are now considered man’s best friend.

In the research world, it was found that dogs know we love them. They even understand our kisses and affection so well. Here is the link if you want to read more.

Dogs can tell the difference between positive and negative communication from humans. This is according to a study, dogs can actually read human expressions to determine if they’re being praised or scolded.

According to this study, not only do dogs know the difference but also react differently depending on whether their owner is praising them or scolding them.

For example, when an owner says “Good dog!” in a high-pitched voice with an excited tone of voice, it’s clear that they are praising their dog for doing something good like sitting politely while waiting for its food dish to be filled up.

But when an owner says “No!” in a loud voice with little variation in pitch and volume, the dog knows the difference.

Dogs are known for their amazing sense of smell. They can sniff out drugs, bombs, even cancer! But did you know that they can also sniff out your mood? Scientists have recently discovered that dogs can detect the difference between someone happy and someone sad.

It’s hard to believe but it’s true! Dogs don’t judge us based on our moods though; they seem to be able to tell when we’re feeling positive or negative without any bias towards one or the other. 

This is based on the oxytocin in the human body. Although humans can only smell ‘something fishy’ dogs can smell ‘something OXY’.

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Dogs are a man’s best friend and a woman’s too. They can be trained to do any number of things from going outside for a walk, to fetching the paper off the lawn in the morning! It Dogs understand our language on some level (positive and negative) even though we cannot understand theirs.

There are 300 words that dogs can follow as commands but they just can’t understand human language as such. It’s just like a German not understanding French or an Englishman cannot understand Spanish.

Dogs are one of the most beloved animals in the world. They have been with us for thousands of years, and they are considered by many to be part of our family. Humans have come a long way since their first domestication.

Nowadays, dogs are thought to possess skills that could rival any human’s abilities. Just like humans, dogs can learn new tricks and adapt with time.

Therefore it is no surprise that we may soon see technological developments made specifically to bring in proper communication between the two.

Wrapping Up:

As a dog parent, you’ve probably been wondering if your pup knows its name. Studies have shown that dogs distinguish between their names and commands. They can learn up to 300 words!

Whether it’s time for breakfast or bedtime – they know what is going on in the household just as well as any human family member would.

So does my dog know his name? Absolutely! Studies also show that they recognize the tone of voice when you call them by their name.

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You and your dog go through life together and over time, you may find that your dog can associate a name with their owner provided someone calls them. Dogs are very intelligent animals and learn quickly.

When they hear the sound of their name called by an individual it will usually get their attention because they know that person is talking to them. They also grow attached to people who speak to them often or feed them food because dogs have such strong ties between the sense of taste and smell!

So if your spouse keeps calling out to you, the dog will be able to associate that name with you. However, if you are being called ‘darling’ or ‘honey’ all the time, then the dog is only going to know you by that name. gif maker 2021 11 22T222634.326

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