Do Dogs Need Blankets? A comprehensive guide

Dog owners often wonder if their dog needs a blanket. This article will help you decide if your dog needs a blanket or not, and what the appropriate response is for different situations.

We’ll touch on whether blankets are good for dogs, how to know when your dog might be feeling cold, and tips for keeping your dog warm, protecting it from hypothermia, and lots more.


Do Dogs Need Blankets?

Do Dogs Need Blankets? This is a question we all ask ourselves at one point or another. It’s not uncommon to see dogs curled up in blankets and cuddling with them, but do they actually need them?

The answer to that question is complicated. For some breeds of dogs, such as the Siberian Husky, it may not be necessary for the dog to have a blanket.

However, most other breeds of dogs would find themselves in need of a blanket. The decision about whether or not your dog needs a blanket depends on the breed and what climate you live in. So, read on to find out more. gif maker 2021 11 21T151903.990

Which Dogs Do Not Need Blankets?

Dogs are known for being furry, cuddly, and adorable. However, not all dogs need blankets.

Dogs that come from warmer climates usually need to be covered by a blanket because they can’t handle the temperature without one.

Other breeds of dogs originating from cold countries are innately capable of handling the weather.


Dogs that have originated from cold countries tend to have double coats. These dogs can adapt to any environment because of this feature.

A dog’s coat is like the insulation in your house; it keeps them warm in winter and cool in summer.

This can be seen as an advantage or disadvantage depending on where you live, but either way, it is interesting! 

Here is a list of dog breeds that don’t typically require blankets: 


Pro Tip: If you are in a really cold place and you feel the temperature is dropping beyond normal levels, then, even these dogs may need a blanket. gif maker 2021 11 21T151908.118

Why Do Dogs That Originate From Warmer Countries Need Blankets?

Many people don’t think to provide blankets for their dogs when it’s cold outside, but this is a necessity for your dog.

Dogs from warmer climates have been shown to have a harder time regulating their body temperature in colder temperatures because they need more fur than the average dog. 

In addition, these breeds tend to be heavier and often carry most of their weight around the torso which means that they lose heat quickly through their abdomens due to the large surface area. 


When winter comes around and there is snow on the ground or ice outside, your four-legged friend might start having some issues with their joints due to the cold weather.

Dogs are commonly known for their friendly, playful nature; however, they can also be susceptible to changes in metabolism during colder months.

If your dog’s normal food intake does not meet the energy demands of cold weather, he or she may experience obesity and other health problems.

Dogs are susceptible to frostbite from cold weather because unlike other animals, they have short hair. It’s helpful to know what signs you should look for and how to treat them.


Frostbite isn’t a common problem but when it does occur, the damage can be severe if not treated immediately. 

Dogs are susceptible to skin irritation from cold weather. In the winter, dogs can get dry and itchy skin due to a change in their normal diet, less sunlight exposure, and colder temperatures.

These factors make them more vulnerable to flea bites which causes an allergic reaction with intense itching.

Climate change can also cause a pet’s immune system to weaken, making them more susceptible to infections.

Dogs may lose their sense of smell from cold weather. This can be due to the mucus in their nose getting thicker which makes it harder for them to breathe. 


This is because when it is cold, dogs will breathe through the nose instead of the mouth which results in a reduced flow rate and less airflow across olfactory receptors. 

Less airflow means that scents are not carried as well to the olfactory receptors. 

Since they rely on scent more than humans do, this can be problematic for them especially if they have lost some or most of their ability to smell due to age or illness. gif maker 2021 11 21T151911.978

What Is Hypothermia?

Hypothermia in dogs is a condition where the temperature goes below its normal range.

It can have many causes, but the most common is exposure to low temperatures or being trapped outside without adequate protection from the cold for too long.

In veterinary medicine where normal body temperature is higher than many mammals like humans (though it varies by breed), hypothermal conditions may actually be reached at temperatures at or near 99.5 degrees.


Though they may not shiver like us, they are susceptible to the cold. If it is too cold, your dog’s body will stop producing heat and he/she will begin to freeze and even lead to death.

So, blankets are in fact lifesavers. gif maker 2021 11 21T151924.488

What About The Dog’s Fur?

Many people enjoy having their dogs with them outside during the winter months. Although it is fun to be able to play in the snow, there are some things that you should keep in mind for your dog’s safety.

Dogs usually love playing outside when it snows, but they can’t tolerate cold weather. More so in the case of dogs who originate from warm climates. These dogs need help maintaining their temperature.


On the other hand, As explained earlier some dogs who have remained in the polar regions are capable of tolerating lower temperatures because they naturally have a double fur layer to protect them from a certain level of cold.

So depending on the temperature and the dog you will have to make an informed decision about using a blanket. gif maker 2021 11 21T151928.108

What If I Have A Carpet At Home?

Carpets are a great way to keep your dog warm and cozy. But, they can’t be a substitute for the warmth of a blanket that covers a dog.

A lot of people may think that having a carpet in the house instead is enough to keep their dog warm during winter, but this is not always true.

The truth is that most dogs need more than just a rug or carpet to stay warm and cozy during the cold seasons.


They need something they can burrow under and be completely covered up from all sides. This way they will feel safe from drafts coming from anywhere else which might make them uncomfortable.

Plus, it also looks cuter when they are snuggled up with their favorite toy!

Pro Tip: Even if you have a carpet, ensure it is thick enough and provides good amount of protection from the cold floor. gif maker 2021 11 21T151931.983

What Should Prompt Me To Look At Covering My Dog With A Blanket?

When Your Dog Has A Medical Condition

Many dogs have medical conditions that make them very sensitive to the cold. If you own a dog that has one of these conditions, it is important to keep an eye out for signs of hypothermia and provide your pet with the warmth he needs.

This includes providing him with a blanket or bedding to sleep on when temperatures drop below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Developing Body Temperature

Keep in mind, if you have a senior dog or a young pup who is still developing his body temperature regulation systems, he will be even more likely to feel the effects of cold weather than other dogs. 


Blankets also help dogs feel safe in their own little space under them and provide warmth for senior dogs with medical conditions such as arthritis that make them sensitive during winter months.

Low Body Fat Ratio

Cold weather can cause discomfort for all dogs but some breeds do not tolerate cool temperatures as well as others due to their thick coats and low body fat ratio.

Cold Outside

Dog’s need blankets when it’s cold outside. Some breeds do not tolerate cold temperatures, so it’s best to be informed about the dog breed you have and take relevant precautions accordingly.

Cold Floor

Dogs need blankets when the floor is cold. They’re just like us, and they feel just as vulnerable to the elements. Dogs have an instinct for survival that tells them where they should stay warm, but this can be thwarted if their bedding isn’t adequate or if your floor is cold.


If your dog has been sleeping on a hardwood or tile floor and getting up every morning with stiffness, it’s time for a blanket.


Your dog may be shivering in the cold winter air when you leave them outside, but it is important to know that they are not alone.

Outside in Cold Weather

Your furry friend needs a blanket when they are left outside in the cold weather because dogs don’t have any natural insulation like humans do.

Prevent Frostbite

Plus, their fur can get wet and lead to frostbite on their paws or tail if they stay out for too long. They need something soft and warm to snuggle up with.

Pro Tip: If your dog has cold ears, then it is an indication of your dog being cold. gif maker 2021 11 21T151935.131

How Cold is Cold For Dogs?

Did you know that anything below 45 degrees Fahrenheit is cold for dogs? It’s true! Even if your dog has a thick coat, the temperature outside can easily drop to this level.

There are many dangers associated with being too cold, and owners must understand these risks as well as take steps to keep their pets safe. 


There are three main problems associated with low temperatures: frostbite, hypothermia, and chills.

Frostbite happens when a part of your pet freezes because they’ve been out in the cold for too long without protection.

Remember that smaller dogs find it more difficult to regulate their temperature and so do dogs with short hair. gif maker 2021 11 21T151938.390

What If I Have A Heater At Home? Does My Dog Still Need A Blanket?

If a heater is regulating the temperature at your house then it is equivalent to having a normal temperature for the dog. Under the circumstances, the dog will not require a blanket.

However, it will have to be remembered that if there is a failure of the system, then your dog will need a blanket as a backup.

So it is always better to have a blanket for your dog to use when needed. It could also come in handy if you are traveling with your dog.

Pro Tip: You could also look at insulating your doghouse to keep the dog warm if your dog does not sleep inside the house with you. gif maker 2021 11 21T151957.625

Should I Cover My Dog With A Blanket At Night?

Your dog may need a blanket any time of the day or night if it is cold. It is not the time of the day that’s important but the temperature.

If the room is too cold for you, it’s probably too cold for your dog. It’s not the time of year or day that determines whether or not your dog needs a blanket, but rather how cold it is.


So if you’re like me and you’ve been wondering if it’s too early to buy an extra layer for the winter, don’t worry!

If you live in a climate where temperatures are below 45 degrees Fahrenheit (7 degrees Celsius), then yes, your furry friend would love some additional warmth. gif maker 2021 11 21T152001.347

What Is The Best Material For A Dog Blanket?

Many different materials make good blankets for dogs. Some of them include polyester fleece, faux-fur fabric, fleece, quilted, polar fleece, Sherpa, or coral fleece(which is the popular one).

If you want to go high-end, cashmere would be a great choice! You can find some cool designs out there or just invest in an old-fashioned quilt if that pleases you more.


There are lots of options when choosing what material will work best for your pet’s blanket so don’t feel like this has to be something difficult or money-consuming.

However, no matter what type of blanket you choose to buy, remember, the purpose of the blanket is to keep your door warm and should serve the purpose.

Pro Tip: Take into account the weather, the fur of your dog, the size of your dog, its breed, and any other requirement that you may have. gif maker 2021 11 21T152004.149

Should I Compel My Dog To Remain In A Blanket?

Dogs know when to remain under a blanket and when not to. Just like we humans instinctively get into and out of a blanket or a sweater, a dog does it too.

So, allow your dog to get out of the blanket when it wants to and get back in when it feels like. Forcing your dog to remain under a blanket may cause overheating which is not good for your dog.

So, make sure you clothe the dog in the blanket in such a way to allow it to get out when it wants. Remember, the dog knows what it wants better, and you should respect it. gif maker 2021 11 21T152030.501

Is It Safe For My Dog To Be Under A Blanket? Will It Suffocate?

Just drape the dog with the blanket and leave it in such a way that the dog can step out of it. Don’t wrap the dog in the blanket to get it tangled in a blanket.

If you are worried about using a blanket, here is something that can comfort you. Dog coats are available too. However, remember, dogs find it easier to get out of blankets than coats.

A dog is pretty capable of managing itself in a blanket without getting tangled. No! Don’t compare the dog to a cat with a ball of wool. Lol. gif maker 2021 11 21T152010.818

Do Dogs Like Being Under Blankets?

Dogs love to curl up under a blanket, especially when it’s cold. Just like us, our dogs feel the chill in the air and want to snuggle up with a warm blanket. If you have trouble finding them one of their own, just wrap them in yours!

They will be so happy that it is finally time for bedtime. Dogs are usually really excited at night because it means playtime or dinner is on its way but if they are exhausted from all the playing, they might sleep really sound.


A blanket will keep them warm, comfortable, and protected from frostbites too. Since dogs have the instinct to nest, cuddling in a blanket makes them feel nice.

So yes! Dogs do love being pampered with a blanket.

Wrapping Up:

Yes, dogs need blankets. Depending on the temperature they do. You might want to be careful if you live in a warm climate and your dog is already dressed for summer (no fur).

But when it comes down to it, there’s nothing like snuggling up with your pup during the wintertime while he or she cuddles under a blanket next to you! And don’t forget about all of those adorable pictures that are sure to come from this bonding experience! gif maker 2021 11 21T152014.196

Do Puppies Need Blankets?

Puppies are even more sensitive than adult dogs and need blankets too. They have a thin layer of downy fur to keep them warm but they will still benefit from being under a blanket.

Not only does this provide warmth, it also provides comfort as the dog can curl up in its own space and feel safe and secure which is much like when we were infants – we craved our mother’s hugs and kisses! 

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