13 Reasons Why Does My Dog Sleep Under My Bed

We all know that dogs sleep a lot, but why do they sleep under the bed. Most people think that dogs just sleep anywhere they want.

But have you ever wondered why your dog always chooses to sleep under your bed? There are a few possible explanations for this behavior, and we’re going to explore them in today’s blog post.

So if you’ve been wondering what’s going on in your dog’s head, keep reading! In this blog post, we will discuss 13 reasons as to why your dog might be sleeping under your bed!

Dogs are known for being loyal companions. They are always happy to see us and love spending time with us. But there is one place that many dogs like to spend a lot of their time – under our bed. So, why do dogs sleep under our beds? It could just be their ‘den instinct’, a cozy place or where the dog does not get disturbed. It could also be indicative of the dog being unwell or anxious. As long as your dog is healthy, it’s nothing to worry about. You can slowly encourage your dog to sleep elsewhere or invite the dog out with a treat.

In addition to revealing some reasons why dogs may like to sleep under our beds, we’ll also discuss some tips for keeping them comfy and safe down there.

And finally, we’ll answer the question that everyone asks. ‘What do I do to stop my dog from sleeping under the bed?’

Why Does My Dog Sleep Under My Bed

13 reasons why my dog sleeps under the bed

1.   Like the space under the bed

Dogs just like the space under the bed. It feels like a different place altogether. It also enables them to be near their humans, and sleeping under the bed is comfortable.

Dogs like to be able to see what’s going on around them and having that extra bit of space gives them a better view.

Additionally, dogs like to have their own designated spot in the house, and for many canines, the space under the bed is just that. So under the bed is just perfect.

2.   Physically Undisturbed

Dogs like to sleep under beds because they feel safe and secure. Beds are often the only place where dogs can be completely hidden from sight, making it a very desirable spot for them.

This is because they are undisturbed. They are not stepped over or asked to move to another place or room.

Dogs that live with children might also enjoy sleeping under the bed so that their movements aren’t visible to little ones who may be exploring nearby. This is why your dog likes to spend its time underneath your bed.

3.   Perfect light 

Dogs like the space under your bed because it’s dark and cool. The light is not too bright. They also like to feel safe and secure underneath the bed.

Dogs love the fact that they can sneak out from under the bed, and the lack of light gives it an advantage from being under there. Although it could be slightly difficult while getting out from underneath the bed, little cramped, dogs still love it.

Who knew that dogs could be so particular about their sleeping arrangements?

4.   Temperature

Another possibility is that your dog may feel overheated or uncomfortable sleeping in the open air, especially during warm weather. Sleeping under the bed allows them to stay cool and comfortable throughout.

Whatever the reason may be, there’s nothing wrong with letting your dog sleep under your bed as long as they’re happy and healthy. just make sure you give them enough room to move around so they don’t get cramped up.

5.   No chaos or Noise

Dogs love to sleep under the bed. This is because it’s a chaotic free zone. It is quiet, considerably a place where there is less footfall and thus less noise.

The television is away and so are the phones. It seems that dogs like to sleep under the bed because it’s a calm and peaceful place where they can avoid all the noise and chaos going on in the rest of the house. 

13 reasons why my dog sleeps under the bed

6.   Fear

There could be a few reasons as to why dogs like to sleep under the bed. One reason could be fear-related, such as during a thunderstorm when the dog feels safer under something that’s shielding them from the weather.

Dogs may sleep under the bed to feel safe and hidden. It could be because of fear-related reasons or it could also be due to a lack of trust with their owner or unfamiliar surroundings.

Dogs that are used to spending a lot of time alone may have low self-esteem.

7.   Common Behavior

Dogs evolved alongside humans and as a result, they have adapted to living with us. One of the ways they have adapted is by choosing to sleep under beds.

This allows them to be close to their humans while still having some level of privacy and security. In addition, dog owners often report that their dogs seem to enjoy sleeping under the bed. 

It is common behavior amongst dogs to settle under beds. So if your dog is sleeping under your bed, you are not the only one.

8.   Their hidden snack 

Do you ever wonder why your dog likes to sleep under the bed? A lot of people think it’s because their dog is trying to get away from them or hide from them, but that’s not usually the case.

In fact, most dogs like to sleep under the bed because they know that their snack is hidden there. Yep, you got me right- many dogs bury their food so they can come back and eat it later, and the best place to do that is under the bed.

So next time your dog is trying to squeeze himself under your furniture, just know that he’s probably doing it for a snack!

9.   Personal space

Dogs are very opinionated and do treat certain places as their personal spaces. Here’s everything you need to know.

Dogs are known for being loyal companions, and they often like to have a designated place where they feel safe and secure. This is especially true for shy or timid dogs who may feel more comfortable hiding under the bed.

By providing a special spot for your dog to rest, you can help them feel more comfortable in their environment and reduce stress levels.

10.                 Anxiety 

If your dog likes to sleep under the bed, it might be because they’re anxious! Dogs can experience anxiety just like people do, and sometimes they find comfort in smaller, more enclosed spaces.

Sleeping under the bed gives them a sense of security and makes them feel safe. If your dog is sleeping under the bed a lot, there are a few things you can do to help relieve their anxiety.

For example, you can try introducing them to new environments slowly or training them with positive reinforcement.

You may need to understand the circumstances when your dog is going under the bed and probably take professional help to help your dog.

11.                 Unwell 

Dogs like to sleep under the bed for a reason. In fact, there could be something wrong with your dog if he or she chooses to sleep in this spot unusually.

If this is not your dog’s regular place, then you should be exploring if your dog is unwell. Dogs tend to become dull and select unusual and quiet places when they are not well.

It may be that the dog wants a warm place. It is better you act immediately and contact the vet because this can help you attend to the problem early.

12.                 Hungry

Have you ever wondered why your dog likes to sleep under the bed? Does he think there might be a snack hiding down there?

It has been found that dogs are more likely to sleep under beds and furniture if they’re hungry, as they’re hoping to find some food scraps hidden by them.

So the next time your furry friend is trying to sleep or smell around, under the bed, you know why – he’s just looking for something to eat!

13.                 Den animal

Dogs are naturally gregarious animals, so they may enjoy feeling like they’re part of the pack while they’re sleeping. They are also instinctively prone to liking dens.

The space under the bed makes the dog feel like a den which immediately makes the dog comfortable. It’s dark, constricted, and cozy.

This may be especially true if your dog is anxious or scared around strangers or in new environments.

When Should I Worry About My Dog Sleeping Under The Bed?

when should you worry about the dog sleeping under the bed

As Long As It Is Not Coping With Something:

Some dogs love sleeping under the bed, while others do so out of anxiety or illness. If your dog is coping with something by sleeping under the bed, then you should be taking immediate action.

Dogs can get anxious for a variety of reasons, such as changes in routine, loud noises, or being left alone.

If your dog is anxious and spends most of its time hiding under the bed, it’s important to get help from a qualified professional trainer or vet.

It could also be the case that your dog is unwell and suddenly resorting to sleeping under the bed, you should be looking into the reason why your dog is is resorting to this.

As Long As The Dog Is Not Dull:

You should worry about your dog sleeping under the bed if your dog is dull. If they’ve always been extremely active dogs and suddenly they become very inactive and dull, this may be a sign that something is wrong with them.

It would be best to take them in for a check-up at the vet just to make sure everything is okay.

when should you worry about the dog sleeping under the bed

It Is A Sudden Behavior:

It’s generally not a concern when it’s a dog’s typical behavior to sleep under the bed. However, if your dog has never slept under the bed before and suddenly starts doing so, then you should investigate what might be motivating your dog to do this.

There are a few potential reasons why a dog might start sleeping under the bed. One possibility is that your dog is feeling anxious or insecure and is looking for a place to hide.

Another possibility is that your dog is afraid of something and is trying to get closer to you in order to feel safer.

Finally, there could be an underlying health problem causing your dog discomfort or pain and he/she is seeking relief by sleeping under the bed.

So, the best thing would be to get your vet to have a look at your dog.

Hiding from another dog:

One circumstance in which you might want to consider worrying about your dog sleeping under the bed is when your dog is hiding from another dog.

Sometimes, dogs feel it’s safer for them to sleep under beds because there aren’t any other animals around who might want to attack them!

This might be something you would want to attend to. Dogs should not live under constant fear. That does not offer them a good quality of life.

Separation Anxiety:

If your dog is routinely going under the bed, it might be a sign that he’s experiencing separation anxiety when left alone.

If this is the case, you might want to consider behavioral therapy or medication from your vet to help him cope. Separation anxiety can be very harmful to dogs, both mentally and physically.

Signs of separation anxiety can include excessive barking, whining, salivating, urinating or defecating indoors, pacing, and destructive behavior.

If your dog is displaying any of these signs, it’s important to consult with a veterinarian or animal behaviorist to get help.

There are many ways to treat separation anxiety, so don’t hesitate to seek out assistance if you feel like your dog is struggling.

It Is Not A Lack Of Mental Stimulation:

If your dog is getting enough exercise and playtime and has plenty of toys to chew on, there’s no reason to be concerned. Sleeping under the bed is just a sign that your dog feels safe and comfortable there.

However, if your dog is spending most of his day cooped up inside with little or no opportunity for exercise or stimulation, he may start looking for ways to entertain himself.

And one way he might do that is by hiding under the bed where he can feel safe and secure.

So if you’re worried about your dog’s behavior, make sure you’re providing him with enough opportunities for exercise and playtime. Remember to take him for a walk too.

How To Make Your Dog Comfortable Under The Bed?

How to make your dog comfortable under the bed

There are a few things you can do to make your dog more comfortable under the bed.

  • First, make sure you create a cozy den-like space for him by using a soft pillow or blankets.
  • Make sure he has access to freshwater nearby when he needs it.
  • Ensure he is not sleeping on a cold surface.
  • Keep the place clean and remove old pieces of treats or food. Instead, give your dog fresh treats.
  • Give your dog some toys for mental stimulation. Remember this is no substitute for regular exercise and walks.
  • Do not allow your dog to spend too much time under the bed. Of course, don’t forget the regular hop into the vet’s place.

How To Stop Your Dog From Sleeping Under The Bed?

how to stop your dog from sleeping under the bed
how to stop your dog from sleeping under the bed

An Inviting Treat Outside:

There are a few things you can do to stop your dog from sleeping under the bed. One easy solution is to put an inviting treat outside the bed, like a piece of bacon or some chicken.

This will make encourage your dog to move out from under the bed. You can then put some pieces of furniture in front of the bed, like a small table or chair, so that there’s no room for your dog to squeeze underneath.

Don’t Give A Treat When Under The Bed:

Dogs are very clever and learn by comparison. If you give your dog a treat when it sleeps on its bed outside it learns that it is going to get treats when it sleeps there.

When you don’t give it a treat when it comes from under the bed, it is going to learn that it won’t get treats when it sleeps under the bed.

Gradually, it learns that the right space is not the one under the bed.

Another Place To Sleep:

Get your dog a nice bed. Dogs like to feel secure and comfortable when they sleep and often seek out small, enclosed spaces like under furniture or in closets.

A good bed will give your dog the sense of security he or she craves while also providing a comfortable place to rest.

I just love to watch my dog walk up to her bed and settle down, more so, with an expression “it’s my place.

Choose a bed that is big enough for your dog to stretch out on comfortably, and be sure to select one made from durable materials that can withstand frequent use.

Don’t Encourage It:

Pampering your dog when it comes out from underneath the bed will only reinforce this behavior.

This is because you are rewarding them for going into an area that they shouldn’t be in and not telling them “no”. The more pampering, the more likely they will think it’s okay to do so again.

So instead of rewarding him or her with treats or attention, give them a stern reaction.

Reassure The Dog:

There are a few things you can do to try and stop your dog from sleeping under the bed. If the dog is hiding out of fear or anxiety, then reassure the dog with kind words.

You could also try using a baby gate to block off the bedroom doorway so the dog can’t get in, or put a piece of furniture in front of the bed to block his access.

If none of those methods work, you might have to consider taking the assistance of a professional.

Wrapping Up:

If your dog is healthy, it’s sleeping under the bed is nothing to worry about. You can slowly encourage your pooch to sleep elsewhere or invite the pup out with a treat if you don’t want your dog sleeping under the bed.

Dogs are known for being loyal companions and always happy to see us – as a result some dogs like spending time under our bed more than anywhere else in the house!

Either, their ‘den instinct’, a cozy place, or even because they don’t get disturbed there, dogs are known to sleep under beds.

But as long as you have no worries that this behavior might be linked to any health problems- what better way to have your best friend with you?

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