Why Does My Dog Want To Sleep With Me?

Dogs are unique creatures. They’re not just our pets, they’re part of the family. One thing that you might not have thought about is why your pup wants to sleep with you every night. It turns out that there are a few reasons for it!

There are several reasons why your dog might want to share your bed. Dogs may seek physical warmth, feel safe and secure, or simply enjoy being close to their pack (i.e., you). Understanding why your dog wants to sleep with you can help you make them more comfortable when they’re not able to be in your bed. It can also help you better manage any separation anxiety or other issues.

Why Does My Dog Want To Sleep With Me?

Why Does My Dog Want To Sleep With Me?

The dog wants to be closer:

If your dog often follows you into the bedroom and wants to settle down with you on your bed, it’s not trying to annoy you – it’s simply seeking close contact with its favorite human.

When they’re close to you, they feel secure and loved. Dogs are known for being loyal and affectionate creatures. They often want to be close to their owners, and one way they do this is by sleeping with them. 

A dog that wants to sleep with you is exhibiting a behavior called “seeking proximity”. Dogs do not like to be alone, so they will often try to get as close to their humans as possible.

It’s a pack animal:

Dogs are considered man’s best friend and for good reason. Dogs have been by our side for thousands of years, evolving from wolves into the loyal companions we know today

Dogs are descended from wolves, which are pack animals. In the wild, wolves would sleep together in order to stay warm and protect one another.

By sleeping close to their human companion, dogs are essentially replicating this natural behavior

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 The need to protect:

Dogs have the instinct to protect their pack (you and your family) and feel safe by being close to you.

There are many reasons why a dog might want to sleep with you, but the most common one is because they feel they can protect you by being near you.

Guarding is an instinct in dogs and more in certain breeds. So next time your furry friend jumps up on the bed and plops down next to you, know that they just want to protect you.

Separation anxiety:

You are probably reading this blog because you have the question ‘why does my dog want to sleep with me on my bed?’.

Dogs can suffer from separation anxiety, which is why they often seek out human companionship. 

Dogs with this condition often become anxious or agitated when they’re separated from their owner, leading them to follow their owner around constantly or try to sleep in the same bed.

Pro Tip: Your dog may be going through separation anxiety due to your non-availability owing to your busy schedule. Try spending more time with your dog and also consult a professional to help your dog.

Why Does My Dog Want To Sleep With Me?

Social Nature:

Dogs are gregarious in nature and like to be around people. While some dogs may prefer to sleep on their own, many will want to sleep with their owners.

That’s why it’s not unusual for a dog to want to sleep with his human family. This can be more so if your dog is single. Dogs are very social animals and enjoy being around people (and other animals) as much as possible.

So, it’s likely that your pup is simply trying to get closer to you because he or she loves you!

The dog wants to be a part of the game:

The dog wants to be a part of the game. Dogs are pack animals, and as such crave companionship and want to feel like they’re not alone in their world.

When you sleep with your pet, it makes them feel included in our activity, just like he stays with you under your desk while you work.

Dogs have been known to adapt to and imitate humans. So being on the bed makes them feel on par and a part of the family, part of the pack.

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Do you ever wonder why your dog is always so eager to sleep in bed with you? It might seem like a cute and cuddly gesture, but there’s actually a reason behind your dog’s desire to snuggle up close.

Turns out, dogs are pack animals and they often feel lonely when they’re left alone. By sleeping in bed with their human pack leaders, dogs feel more connected and secure.

So the next time your dog wants to join you, you know why.

The dog is cold:

Dogs used to sleep in packs to derive warmth from each other. This behavior remains in them. Dogs are like people in a lot of ways.

They get cold, they get hot, and sometimes they just want to be close to their loved ones just to get that warmth from the sheets.

Oh, it’s definitely not warmth from you because the normal temperature of dogs is higher than humans. So it’s the sheets and the wool. But the sheets warm you up and so, it’s you too!

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The bed smells like the owner:

Dogs also associate certain smells with their owners, which is why they may want to sleep in close proximity to them so they can smell them.

Naturally, the bed has strong scents of the owner because you regularly sleep in it. Dogs are pack animals and as such, they thrive on companionship.

This is one of the reasons why dogs often want to sleep with their owners where they can enjoy the scent constantly. Sleeping next to their loved ones gives dogs a sense of security and comfort.

The bed is larger & higher:

The dog is a spoiled little pup who gets his way. He’s not satisfied with the size of his bed and demands that he get the larger one, even if it means taking over someone else’s space! Oh yes!

Could be the camel and the tent. Dogs prefer to sleep on elevated surfaces so they can see what is happening around them.

They also have sensitive hearing and need space for their ears which droop down towards the ground when relaxed or alert.

Many dogs suffer from obesity. All of these factors contribute to making an oversized bed perfect for your canine companion!

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The bed is comfortable:

Dogs want to sleep with their owners because the bed is more comfortable. Dogs are den animals and like to feel safe and secure in a familiar place, which makes your bed that much more inviting.

When they’re on it, they can stretch themselves better than their own bed and it’s warmer and softer.

Our Encouraging Behavior:

You are encouraging the dogs to sleep on your bed the first time he did. Dogs need boundaries, and you have already set an extended one by letting your dog sleep on your bed.

This is going to take you some extra effort to stop it if you want to. Have you been fondling your dog for coming on to the bed? Then your dog thinks that’s exactly what you want.

So the next time you go to sleep your dog is gonna follow you since it gets the benefit of being pampered and a large, cozy bed as well.

Should I Let My Dog Sleep On The Bed With Me?

Should I Let My Dog Sleep On The Bed With Me?

Dogs are known as “man’s best friend.” They can be loyal and loving companions, which is why many people choose to adopt them as pets.

And while most dogs love spending time with their owners, there’s one behavior that often puzzles people: why do dogs want to sleep with us?

Should you let your dog sleep with you? Well, this is a very personal choice that you will have to make.

However, this blog will offer you certain factors which you can take into account before you make a decision on whether or not you would like your dog to sleep on the bed with you.

While the American kennel club is of the opinion that it is not harmful to let your dog sleep on the bed, they also opine that it could help your anxiety levels.


What Should I Consider Before Letting My Dog Sleep On The Bed With Me?

What Should I Consider Before Letting My Dog Sleep On The Bed With Me?

Dogs are cuddly, and they love to be around people. It’s no wonder so many dog owners want their furry friends to sleep in bed with them.

However, there are a few things you should keep in mind before letting your dog into your bed.

In this part, we’ll take a look at the factors that should affect your decision about your dog sleeping in your bed. Read on.

What Should I Consider Before Letting My Dog Sleep On The Bed With Me?

Do you have an allergy:

Sure, it’s adorable when your dog jumps up on the bed and cuddles up next to you while you’re trying to sleep. But is it really good for your pet?

According to recent studies, there are certain times when you should not let your dog sleep with you. If you have an allergy, for example, letting your pup into bed can aggravate or trigger your allergy.

Also if you are generally prone to any allergy, then having your dog may not exactly be the right thing to do.

It has been found that if your dog has dander, the dander can cause an allergy. If at any time you find yourself with an allergy after your dog was in the bed with you, then you should be stopping the dog from using your bed.

Does Your Dog Have ticks or fleas:

It’s no secret that dogs love to sleep with their human companions. In fact, many dog owners wouldn’t have it any other way! However, there are times when you may not want your furry friend sleeping in the same bed as you.

That would be when your dog has ticks or fleas. There are a few reasons why you wouldn’t want your dog to sleep on your bed if it has ticks or fleas. First, the bugs can jump from your dog to you, and vice versa.

Second, the parasites can live in your bedding and infect you while you’re sleeping. Third, if your dog is scratching at fleas or ticks, he could spread the parasites all over your bed.

Finally, dogs that are infested with ticks or fleas are more likely to get other diseases, such as Lyme disease. So it’s best to keep them off the bed altogether until they’ve been treated for the pests.

Are you a light sleeper:

Dogs are alert creatures and can disturb your sleep. This is true for all people, not just pet owners. Dogs will often wake up their human companions to go outside or let them know it’s time to get up.

People with certain sleep disorders may find that being around dogs makes them more agitated at night which leads them to have trouble sleeping since the agitation is keeping their brain active even though they’re trying really hard not to move because of how exhausted they feel from staying still during the day. 

So if you want to sleep soundly, with no disturbance and you are capable of being woken up by the slightest noise or movement, then having your dog on the bed is not a good idea.

Is Your Dog Vaccinated Up To Date & Dewormed?

It’s important to protect your bed from germs that can be passed on by unvaccinated dogs.

It is recommended that people who have a dog and also sleep in the same bed should take steps to minimize the risk of getting sick.

One way is to make sure their pet has been vaccinated and also dewormed.

Are You Washing The Dog’s Legs After A Walk Outside?

Dogs have a tendency to carry bacteria from one surface to another. When your dog’s leg is not washed, it can transfer those germs onto the bedding and potentially harm you or other family members who may come into contact with that contaminated area.

You should also take extra precautions when cleaning your bed because all animals (including humans) can be carriers of diseases.

What Should I Keep In Mind If I Am Letting My Dog Sleep On The Bed With Me?

What Should I Keep In Mind If I Am Letting My Dog Sleep On The Bed With Me?
  • Keep your dog clean
  • wash his legs after a walk
  • wipe his backside with a wipe
  • keep his vaccinations and deworming up to date
  • brush his teeth regularly
  • Ensure he has no dander
  • Bathe your dog regularly
  • Keep a separate sheet for him to roll in & wash it regularly

Pro Tip: If you do have a portable steamer, steam your bed whenever you can to keep it germ-free. Alternatively, washing the sheets in hot water is also something you can do.

What Should I Do To Stop My Dog Sleeping With Me On My Bed?

What Should I Do To Stop My Dog Sleeping With Me On My Bed?

Are you a dog owner who has problems with their pet sleeping on the bed with them? If so, you’re not alone. Many dog owners find it difficult to get their pets to stop sleeping on the bed.

In this part, we will discuss tips that you can use to help get your dog to sleep in its own bed instead of yours.

Don’t Encourage:

Your dog is sleeping on your bed and you’re wondering what to do about it. Well, stop encouraging him! Don’t talk sweetly or pet him while he’s there because that will only encourage the behavior more.

Pro Tip: Get off your bed, Call Your dog sternly to get off the bed. Encourage him to sit on its bed, and give him a treat.


Start your night by going to the dog’s bed with a treat. Leave him on his bed to busy with his treat and then slowly move on to your bed.

When he finishes his treat, he may want to come near your bed. Which is when you have to be stern with him with a ‘no’. Take your dog back to his bed and pat him.

By doing this, he knows you are nicer when he sleeps on his bed and you don’t approve of his hopping up the bed. This will take patience but can work. Try to do this on a day you are not too exhausted.

Remember not to give too many treats. Do it only at bedtime so your dog does not get confused. Let him not think that if he stays on his bed he will keep getting treats during the day.


Train your dog with the ‘stay’ command. Get him to stay on his bed and appreciate him with ‘good boy’. Do this every day until he gets used to this.

Reward him with a treat only in the morning after he spends the night on his bed. Do not keep your bedroom door open for him to have access.

If this does not work you may need to take the assistance of a professional trainer.

Handle Separation Anxiety:

If your dog is going through separation anxiety then the entire method in which you have to handle your dog changes. First, you need to ensure that you spend more time with your dog and reassure your dog or so before bedtime.

Funded him before you go to bed and speak to him. When you wake up in the morning ensure that he gets your attention for at least one minute.

You may need to contact a professional in this regard. You can also try leaving one of your clothes in the dogs bed which has your scent so that the dog feels comfortable in its own bed.

A Few Research Papers

A Few Research Papers

1. Humans benefit from sleeping with dogs and they rarely get disturbed by the dog’s movements. This research used 12 ladies for 10 nights. (February 2020)


2. Light Sleeper? This is for you. This research used 5 ladies for 7 nights where they found that sleeping with dogs can disturb your sleep considerably. (November 2018)


3. If you are somebody who is totally health-conscious and wants to be completely careful then this paper is for you.

Published on 13 October 2020 this article highlights what kind of diseases can be transmitted from dogs to flow means and also discusses allergies and other aspects.


4. Published in December 2017, this article came to the conclusion that a single dog in the bedroom with a human was not disruptive and this research used about 40 healthy adults for a period of five months.

This research has used more people for more time (5 months) than the other research papers.


5. This is not exactly a research paper, but an article that refers to about 30 papers. It is via sleep foundation company and gives you both the pros and cons of sleeping with your dog.

This will help you if you are one of those who is trying to decide whether your dog should sleep on your bed with you.


Wrapping Up:

Dogs sleep with you on your bed for a variety of reasons including wanting to be with you, protecting you, and enjoying the comfort of the bed.

Consider factors such as allergies, vaccination, deworming, etc., before you make a decision about your dog sleeping on your bed.

Research finds that it could be beneficial to sleep with your dog. So if everything fits, go ahead and enjoy that furry guy’s company next to you.

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