Will Goldfish Eat Guppies? Find Out?

Goldfish are a popular aquarium fish. But, Will Goldfish Eat Guppies? Their bright colors and long lifespans make them seem like perfect pets for beginners, but they can be pretty tricky to keep in a tank if you don’t know what you’re doing. Goldfish are omnivorous and will eat just about anything that fits into their mouths. In this article we’ll discuss whether goldfish will eat guppies and if guppies and goldfish can be hosted together at all.

Goldfish Grow Big

Goldfish are a popular choice for freshwater aquariums because of their beautiful colors, interesting personalities, and low maintenance needs.

However, goldfish can grow up to 10 inches long or longer. They can also weigh 8 ounces or more. —and guppies? Well, they’re tiny. So yes, your guppies could be at risk from their larger counterparts.

Guppies are tiny and delicate, while goldfish are large and robust. Guppies are small fish that cannot be kept in a goldfish aquarium, they will not do well there.

They are too small to survive in the same tank as a goldfish, and they will become food for the goldfish. The best thing to do is to keep guppies in their own aquarium or tank and keep it separate from the goldfish aquarium or tank.

Will Goldfish Eat Guppies? 10 Amazing Facts

Will Goldfish Eat Guppies? Goldfish Can Swallow A Guppy

Guppies are small enough to be swallowed whole by a goldfish. Goldfish are big eaters.

They can consume up to 20% of their body weight in food each day! That’s quite a bit for any fish. Guppies are small and delicate fish, so they’re easy prey for goldfish.

They’re also a staple in the diet of many goldfish but not because they’re tasty—they’re used to help feed the larger fish that often live with them.

Goldfish Are Omnivorous

You may be wondering whether goldfish will eat guppies. The answer to this question is yes—goldfish are omnivorous and will eat guppies.

Goldfish are also known to eat other fish, plants, algae and food that falls to the bottom of their tank at night.

Guppies are livebearers (they give birth to live offspring), while goldfish are egg-layers (they lay eggs which hatch into larvae). Both will eat each other’s offspring.

Because of these facts, it is important for you not only to have an understanding of what goldfish can do and how guppies can be cared for without getting them killed.

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Goldfish And Guppies Have Different Temperature Requirements

Goldfish and guppies have different temperature needs. Goldfish need cooler waters. Guppies need warmer waters.

While these two species can live together in an aquarium, they are not compatible and will not thrive if you keep them together.

If you want to keep both of these fish, you should purchase separate tanks for each species so they can have their own water temperature preferences.

Goldfish need cooler water than guppies do—between 65 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit (18-22 degrees Celsius). Guppies need 77 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit (25-28 degrees Celsius).

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Goldfish Are Fin Nippers

Goldfish are known fin nippers. Guppies are sensitive fish. A small nip can lead to wounds and thereafter infection and death.

Guppies are a popular choice for aquariums because they are so colorful and easy to keep.

However, guppies should not be kept with goldfish because the goldfish have a tendency to nip the guppies’ fins. A small nip can tear the fin off the guppy.

If you want to keep guppies with other types of fish, it is best to choose a more passive breed like platies or mollies instead of more aggressive breeds like bettas or angelfish.

Guppies Need Plants, But Goldfish Eat Plants

Guppies are a popular pet fish, but can goldfish be hosted with guppies?

The answer is no. Guppies need plants and moss for good health, but goldfish eat away all the plants. Goldfish cannot be hosted in planted tanks.

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Guppies & Goldfish Have Different Dietary Needs

Both guppies and goldfish have sensitive digestive systems that require special care when it comes to diet. Guppies should be fed small amounts per day; this helps them avoid bloating or constipation issues.

Goldfish should be fed a high-quality pellet food with minimal additives; too much protein can cause digestive problems and even bloat/swim bladder disease.

Guppies Are Small, Colorful And Attractive

Guppies are very active swimmers and colorful, which attracts the goldfish. This means that they goldfish will chase the guppies.

Guppies are bright and fast, which is sure to tempt the goldfish. Goldfish are playful by nature, so they may enjoy chasing after their new tankmates. However, if nipped at during the process, it can be fatal for guppies.

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Guppies Can Choke Goldfish

Goldfish are large and can swallow guppies whole. While your goldfish may love to eat the guppy, there is a chance that it will choke on the tiny fish.

Guppies are small enough that they could get stuck in your goldfish’s throat or digestive tract and cause health problems for both of them.

If you want your goldfish to have a snack, offer it some food that is suitable to him, so he doesn’t risk choking on his meal.

Goldfish Are Compatible With Only Certain Tank Mates

Goldfish are compatible with only certain tankmates. If you have goldfish, you shouldn’t put any fish in your tank that aren’t able to tolerate the same water parameters (pH, temperature) as they are.

That means no tropical fish or livebearers like guppies and platys.

If you have a large aquarium or pond that allows for a lot of space between your goldfish and other aquarium inhabitants, you may be able to keep some smaller fish that are compatible with goldfish.

But your best bet is to stick with recommended species which will give all of them a healthy life and a great environment.

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In conclusion, goldfish and guppies are not a good combination. If you have both of them in your tank, you may end up with missing guppies. If you want to keep your guppy alive, it is best to keep it in its own tank with other recommended tank mates.

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