101 Interesting Questions About Betta Fish Answered

Bettas are the most sought after pet fish for their splendid and rich colors. The tank size required for bettas are small in comparison to others and hence are easy to place wherever one chooses. This is an exhaustive write up answering 101 important and interesting questions about betta fish.


1.Do Betta Fish Get Lonely?

Bettas are known solitary species. They do not get lonely. They are tough fish. They love settling in a tank and do not like new environments. They love being the king of the tank.

2.Is Keeping Betta Fish Cruel?

Keeping a betta fish is not cruel unless you have placed it in a really small container. Bettas can be a great pet to have if you place them in the right setting. Putting them in a vase etc would of course amount to cruelty.

3.Can Betta Fish Bite You?

Betta fish do have teeth, but they are not so big so as to cause big critical injury to human fingers. It is not ideal to dip your finger into the tank since it may contaminate the water. Even otherwise, betta will only come near your finger to explore.

4.How Can I Play With My Betta Fish?

You can move your finger from one side of the tank to the other. The betta may follow your finger.  You can also teach your betta to jump by using a stick which has food at its tip.

You can give your betta a really tiny ball which it can push around. A hoop or a tunnel to pass through is also a good idea.

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5.How Can I Tell If My Betta Fish Is Happy?

A happy betta fish is very active and will respond to your movements. If you place a new thing in the tank, they will explore it. The betta may also dig around.

They may also go hide for a few minutes and come back out. These are signs that your betta is happy.


6.What Do Betta Fishes Like In Their Tank?

Do not use anything that has sharp edges, The betta is very sensitive and the sharp objects in the tank can hurt its fins.

Bettas do like plants and live plants are always a better option. Specifically, floating plants and plants with broad leaves are an excellent choice. Make sure the leaves are soft.

7.Do Bettas Like Music?

This is one question that has varied answers from people. Whilst some say that bettas can only feel vibrations, some claim that their bettas react to music.

The best way is to play soft music and watch your betta. If the betta goes into hiding or starts moving faster, you know the betta is not responding well. This may stress the betta.

8.Do Bettas Need A Heater?

If you are living in a cold country the betta will definitely need a heater to regulate the temperature. If you are from the warmer countries, then if the water is in between 78 – 82 degrees Fahrenheit on a natural basis, then you may not need a heater.

The least you can do is to check with your little finger if the water is just a bit less than lukewarm water. If your betta is sitting at the bottom of the tank, it will be good to check the temperature.


9.Do Bettas Like Light?

Bettas are not fond of bright light. They like a mild atmosphere. So, ensure a mild light is used. Bettas need a regular light system, where they get enough light during the day, and a dark night so they know when to sleep.

Direct sunlight is not a good idea. However, if indirect lighting can light up the tank, it is the best.

10.What Does A Stressed Betta Look Like?

If you feed your betta and he does not come out to eat it, then he is stressed. So, loss of appetite is one of the main signs. If the betta comes near the food and then just moves away, this is also an indication of stress.

If he hiding all the time, then he is stressed.  The first thing to try would be a water change. Too much food can also be one of the reasons. Bettas also do not like a change in the location of the tank.

Usage of strong scents near the tank could also be a cause.


11.Why Does My Betta Go Crazy When He Sees Me?

A betta can easily recognize you and he might associate you with his feeding time and thus display excitement. If you have a play time routine with him, he may be excited about his play time with you.

If this behaviour is only at times when he sees you, you shouldn’t be worried about it.

12.Why Does My Betta Flare?

Bettas can flare for several reasons. It is a natural behavior for them. They are also called fighting fish. They are essentially asserting themselves.

However, when they see another betta or are placed in the same tank with another betta, the flaring will indicate dominance and protection of territory. It is even during mating.

13.Do Bettas Get Attached To Their Owners?

Betta fish are pretty intelligent. Given the space to explore, they respond to their owners and recognize them. Bettas can be curious, feel fear or even anger.  However, emotional attachment is not a scientifically established factor.

14.Is It Ok For Bettas To See Each Other?

It is not okay for bettas to see each other unless the objective is to get them to breed. Bettas can get stressed if they are continually exposed to threat and could lead to their becoming inactive and sick.

15. Can I put Snails In With My Betta Fish?

Not all snails are great with bettas. Sometimes the betta might reject a companion snail without any reason at all. Dropping the snail straight into a tank is not the right way to introduce a snail to a betta.

First float the snail in the tank through a breeder box for a few days before actually letting the snails in. Nerite snails, ramshorns and mystery snails can be good tank companions with a betta.

Larger water changes maybe necessary when you add more than one snail.


16. Do Betta Fish Jump Out Of Their Bowls?

Yes, bettas do tend to jump from their container. So, it is definitely better that you have a tank with a top enclosure.

17. Why Betta Fish Jump Out Of Their Bowls?

 Let us understand why a betta would want to jump out of its tank. A spike of ammonia in the water can instigate a betta to jump out. The best way to handle this is to ensure clean water at all times and water changes at regular intervals.


18.Why Are Betta Fish So Aggressive?

Betta fish are very territorial in nature. They do not like sharing their territory with other bettas and hence become aggressive at the sight of another betta.

It would do you well to remember that they are known as fighting fish. In a bigger tank it could be even about its favorite space or food. This is why bettas are better off alone.

19.How Often Should I Feed My Betta?

A betta will continue to eat if you keep feeding it. So, it is important to feed it just enough. The best time to feed a betta is when you switch on the light in the morning. Feed it everyday except one day of the week to keep it healthy. 5-8 pellets per day is sufficient.

You can divide the 8 pellets into two times a day (4 per time). If you are in a cold country, remember the metabolism of the fish can go down and you can bring it down to 6 per day. Take a note of the size of the food pellet.

20.Do Bettas Eat Moss Balls?

Bettas are carnivorous fish. They do not eat moss balls. However, they love moss balls because they are soft and like to rest on it. Moss balls are also beneficial because they encourage the growth of good bacteria and reduce nitrate levels in the tanks.


21.Are Bettas Smart?

Bettas are not just smart but they are very smart. They are capable of learning several things if you are willing to teach them. They are capable of understanding the reward system and will follow instructions to get their reward.

They can recognize people, colors and placements. They are also known for their change in behavior based on the circumstances. These facts have been confirmed through several experiments conducted on betta fish.

22.Can You Put Anything With A Betta Fish?

Of course, you can have certain other fish along with the betta fish. However, make sure it is not another male betta. Fin nippers are big no. Aggressive fish are also a no. Slow moving fish are fine. No big fishes either. Cory catfish are the top best tank mates for bettas.

23. Can Betta Fish Live In A Bowl Without A Filter?

A filter is not mandatory for a betta fish. However, a small and mild filter can help keeping your betta tank clean and prevent the formation of fungi. A betta needs a mild filter.

So, take care that you do not buy the strong filters thinking it will keep the tank clean. This is also because the bettas with long fins will end up fighting the heavy flow and tiring themselves.

24. Can 2 Female Betta Fish Live Together?

Two or more female fish can be placed in the same tank. This is known as a sorority tank. However, this is not for a beginner and needs expertise. It is not generally advisable to attempt this on your own.

25. Are Bettas High Maintenance?

No. Bettas are not high maintenance. With a few regular water top ups and normal level of cleaning and feeding, your betta does not require high maintenance.


26. Do Betta Fish Like To Watch TV?

There are reports of betta fish watching TV. In fact, videos too. However, it might not be the fish watching and understanding TV. It is very likely that the fish is attracted to movement on the TV screen and is curious about it.

27.Do Bettas Like Cold Water?

Bettas can die in cold water. They are fish originating from warm waters and cold water can lower their metabolism. They need a temperature of 78-80 degrees.

28.What Do Betta Fish Do At Night?

Bettas know it is time to sleep when it is dark and the lights are off. It is therefore important that you create a routine for your betta.

They do like a peaceful night. Sometimes they might be awake too for brief bouts. However, they do sleep most of the times.


29. Can Betta Fish Stay In The Dark?

The betta fish is a tropical fish and used to light. A dark tank would mean that the betta cannot see well and thus lower its feeding capabilities and metabolism.

The betta fish needs a regular routine of light and darkness so it knows when to sleep. Remember, direct sunlight is not the right option for your betta.

30. Can I Turn My Betta Filter Off At Night?

Turning off the filter at night is not a good thing to do. The filter helps the good bacteria to grow. These bacteria deal with the nitrate level of the tank.

If the filter does not run for 6-7 hours it can mean irreversible damage to the good bacteria. The maximum time to turn off a filter is one hour.


31.Can Betta Fish Sleep In The Dark?

Of course, betta fish can sleep in the dark. In fact, that is what they prefer as their routine. Since betta can’t see well in the dark, they tend to sleep.

The betta fish rely greatly on their sight both to spot their food and to react to other fish.

32. How Hot Is Too Hot For A Betta Fish?

Anything beyond 83 Degrees centigrade is too hot for a betta fish. Although bettas come from warm waters, they do not need ‘hot’ water.

33.How Do I Know If My Betta Is Cold?

Checking the temperature is the best way to know if your betta is cold. If the temperature is less than 77-78, then the water is cold for your betta.

34.Do Betta Fish Need Light At Night?

Betta fish do not need light at night. In fact, they need a dark time every day, so that they can sleep and wake up when the light is switched on. If you keep the light on for 24 hours. The betta can get exhausted due to lack of rest.

35.Why Is My Betta Alive But Not Moving? Is It Normal For Betta Fish To Stay Still?

Betta fish like to have a space in the tank where it feels safe. If the betta is very stationary most of the time, then your betta might be sick. It may even be an indication of low temperature.

It could also be due to nitrate or nitrite levels. Betta fish need a heavily planted tank and if you have a single tank and the betta is always near the plant, increase the plants in the tank.

Another thing that I found was that my betta likes indirect light which is not too bright. So, you can probably try indirect lighting to see if that makes the betta comfortable.


36.Why Is My Betta Turning White?

One of the main reasons for a betta to lose color is stress. The immediate thing to do is check the water quality and temperature.

It can also be due to underfeeding. If none of these help you might want to consult a professional.

Lastly, aging is also one of the reasons. Do differentiate between a betta losing color and changing its color. A change in color is not worrisome.

37.How Do You Save A Dying Betta Fish?

If you feel your betta is dying, then the best thing to do is put him in a sick tank with the right temperature of water and add a stress reducer and anti-parasite medicine as per dosage.

Remember to add a few drops of methylene blue. Do not feed him for a day or two. You can add almond leaf to hasten the curing process.

A one- minute salt bath can also help. However, it is better to opt for this after you consult a professional.

38.Why Does My Betta Spit Out Its Food?

The betta spitting out food is not abnormal. They do this to break down the food and soften it. If you find the betta not eating at all, try softer food.

Some recommend bloodworms which will instantly tempt your betta to eat. However, if you are not comfortable, then flakes are a better option.

39. Can I Get My Betta Fish High?

Fish do not get high. Research has proved that THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) substances do not get fish high. So, it is not a great idea to subject your betta to what you think might be fun for you.

It is preferable to leave your fish in your normal state and allow it to stay healthy and happy instead of contaminating the water.

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40.How Fast Do Betta Fish Grow?

The growth of the betta fish depends on several factors, mainly, water quality and temperature. In about ten days a baby betta fry will reach about 0.20 inches.

In 30 days, it can reach about 0.47 inch. By about 86 days the betta is an inch long. By 6 months the betta begins to look like an adult. By about 11 weeks the betta can reach 1.9 inches.

A fully grown adult betta can reach the size of three inches between one and half to two years depending on the conditions.

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41.Will Betta Fish Kill Snails?

Betta fish do not kill snails. In fact, invertebrates do very well in betta tanks. The snails clean the betta tank.

A careful introduction of the snail into the betta tank is very important. There can be times when a betta may not accept any snail in its tank. Snails with long antennae are not a good option for the betta tank.   Nerite snails, ramshorns and mystery snails can be good tank companions for a betta.

42.What Is The Rarest Betta Color?

The rarest betta color is the one with no pigmentation at all. It is called the Albino Betta fish. Only the eyes carry a tinge of either pink or red.

This is because the bettas are known for their bright colors and the absence of color is what makes it rare.

43.Will A Betta Kill A Goldfish?

Betta fish will attack goldfish as self-defence. Let us understand why. Gold Fish are tail nippers. When this happens, the betta becomes aggressive.

So, although the betta does not intend to kill the goldfish, it is possible that the gold fish will invite injury leading to death.

There are several other reasons as to why the betta and gold fish should not be kept together. For example the temperature needed by both are different. Gold fish also dirty the tank a lot not being conducive for a betta. Also goldfish are voracious eaters and they may not let the betta feed properly.

44.Will Male Bettas Kill Female Bettas?

Conflicting opinions have been rendered on this topic. It is better the male and female bettas are not placed together unless your tank is huge and has many hiding places.

Usually, it is preferable to unite the male and female for breeding purpose only. The best way is to have only one betta per tank.

45.Can Shrimp Live With Betta?

Bettas are carnivorous and they will feed on baby brine shrimps. In a larger tank with some place to hide, shrimp do fairly okay. However, if you can avoid it, its best.

The aggression level of your betta is also a factor that needs to be taken into account. Also, the lesser the color of the shrimp, the better. Bright colors attract bettas.

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46.What Human Food Can I Feed My Betta Fish?

Unlike sucker fish or gold fish, bettas cannot be fed with vegetables or other food. Bettas have a sensitive digestive system and can cause digestive problems for the betta.

So, the food has to be boiled before feeding the betta. This applies to meat as well. Bettas don’t find these foods in in their natural habitat.

So, it is best if you just feed the betta its normal food which is scientifically prepared for it.

47.Can I Leave My Betta Fish For A Week?

You are definitely entitled to leave your betta to go on vacation. Here are a few things you can do. Try leaving the betta with a family member or friend. (Provide written instructions).

You can have a feeder with a timer. (Make sure you make a ¾ change water before you leave). There are travel foods available too.

48.How Do You Tell If You Overfeed Your Betta?

If your betta is healthy and moving around and still has a bloated stomach then you know it’s overfed. The best way is to not feed the betta for a day.

You can also take a boiled pea (single pea), take off the peel, squish it and allow the betta to feed on it. This will help the betta to release the excess waste in the body and regain its health.

49. What Is The Most Aggressive Betta Fish?

The most aggressive betta variety is the Plakat Betta. They are known for their fighting skills. They tend to jump out of the tanks more than the other bettas. The aggression is due to the low levels of serotonin.


50. Can I Have 2 Betta Fish?

This question has a complex answer. Bettas are known to enjoy being alone. They are not the fish who seek company. So, there is no need to have two bettas.

Even if you want to, two male bettas are never to be together. They will fight till death to claim their territory. Even a female betta is usually placed in the tank only for breeding purposes.

The only exception to this rule is a female betta sorority where many females are placed together. However, this is not for someone who has no expertise.

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51.How Do Bettas Attack?

Bettas are instinctive attackers. They rely on stimulus. They are known to attack based on the physical behavior or movement of the other fish.

The fight begins with fin nipping and progressing to bodily injury. If the weaker fish does not retreat, the fight continues and the weaker fish can die due to the multiple injuries.

52. Do Moss Balls Have Babies?

Yes. Moss balls reproduce asexually and yes therefore they split into two and grow. But this is a very slow process and therefore don’t expect to see a rapid multiplication in your tank.

53.Can Bettas Hear Your Voice?

Fish in general do not have great hearing. The water further reduces the noise that reaches them. Yet, some amount of sound does reach them.

Although they can hear some noise, they will not understand you. They are probably capable of relating to the same noise every day.


54.Why Does My Betta Fish Keep Looking At Me?

Betta fish are very observant and like to explore. If there is nothing much to do in the tank, and you are near the tank, then the betta fish would like to watch what you do.

Remember, the betta can recognize its owner and it knows you. It does not mean the betta is hungry.

55.Can Angel Fish Live With Betta?

The answer to this question is a ‘OMG NO’. Both are aggressive fish and highly territorial in nature. So, the natural consequence is their attacking each other.

The Angel fish can keep nipping the tail of the betta causing the betta to stress out thus affecting the betta’s health.

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56.Do Bettas Like Decorations?

Betta fishes like plants and do like places to settle. Live plants are always a better option. A change in decoration excites them.

57. Is 82 /85 Degrees Too Hot For A Betta Fish?

The ideal temperature for a betta is 78 -80. If you increase the temperature, the capacity of the water to hold oxygen decreases and you might find your betta at the top trying to breathe. Some say up to 82 is okay but not more.

Also, the objective of the heater is only to prevent the water from becoming cold. It is not meant to heat up the water more than necessary.

58.Can 1 Male And 2 Female Betta Fish Live Together?

This is not at all advisable for individual betta owners. Only one betta can stay in a tank. If a group of females are put together, called a sorority tank, the dominant female can kill the other females.

However, there are Aquarians who have sorority tanks with a lot of females together. This would need expertise to handle.

Pro Tip: it is important you have two or more extra backup tanks to handle a sorority.

59. How Do I Get My Female Betta To Produce Eggs?

First observe the female belly. You must be able to see a white egg like spot. This means the female is a grown adult and capable of breeding. Feed them small amounts of food three times a day, with high protein and high fat.

Place the male in a separate container where the female can see the male. When the female wants to get out the container, it means that she wants to breed.

Once you place the female with the male, observe the behaviour. If they do not fight then they are a compatible pair. The creation of the bubbles by the male is a positive sign. Then, the female will lay her eggs in the bubble nest.


After breeding, place the female betta in a larger tank. Before you do that, prepare the tank by replacing the water and adding a water conditioner.

Place a dried almond leaf in the tank. Feed the female twice a day. If you can feed blood worms that would be excellent.

60. Is It Okay For Fish To Watch TV?

A betta fish cannot actually watch TV. It can only recognize movement, flash and color. Too much of anything is bad. Constant change of color from the TV can stress your betta. It will depend on your betta.

If the betta is flaring up, then you know that the TV is negatively impacting your betta. On the other hand, if he is calmly moving around, the TV is actually not affecting him, its fine.

Bettas are inquisitive and the movement of around them arouses their curiosity and stimulates them mentally.

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61. What Do Betta Fish Do At Night?

Generally, betta fish like a routine. They sleep when its dark. Some bettas may rest and then move around the tank for a bit and then go back to sleep.

62.Will My Betta Fish Die In Cold Water?

Bettas are tropical fish and are used to warm waters. Cold Water will definitely kill your betta because the betta is not used to it. Ideally 78-80 degrees Fahrenheit is the best temperature for a betta.

63. Do Betta Fish Like Blue Light At Night?

Yes betta fish would like blue light because the blue light makes then feel that they are under moonlight and encourages physical activity. However, any kind of light is not an option for all night. About two hours in the evening is the right thing to do. Later, a dark tank is the best to let the betta sleep.

64.Can A Filter Kill A Betta Fish?

A strong filter can indirectly kill a betta fish. This is because, the betta will have to struggle against the currents of the filter thus constantly stressing the betta. This may lead to other complications and thus the death of the betta.

65.How Do I Know If My Filter Is Too Strong For The Betta?

A filter for a betta must be very mild and such that it does not interfere with the currents of the water. If the betta is getting blown away by the filter, it definitely is too strong for the betta. If the betta is able to comfortably swim around the filter, then it is just right.

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66. Do Betta Fish Sleep With Lights On?

Bettas live in shallow river basins and by jumping from puddle to puddle. Thus, they have always known or perceived a sunset easily. Leaving the light on all the time, the betta will be over stimulated. It may even make the betta tire itself and also stop eating due to the stress. So, it is always best to switch off the lights at night.

67. Is 70 Degrees Too Cold For A Betta?

Yes. 70 degrees is cold for a betta. Although it may not be too cold, its not the right temperature. 78-80 degrees is the right temperature for the betta. If you don’t want the betta to become dull and slow, you wouldn’t keep the betta in cold temperatures.

68.What Water Is Best For Betta Fish?

Water that is fresh and conditioned is the best for betta fish. Betta Fish like tannin (tea colored water). Just because they come from puddles, it does not mean that they like dirty water.

Pro Tip: If you don’t like the tea-colored water, then provide it with some live plants.


69. What Does Betta Fin Rot Look Like?

Fin rot is a bacterium which attacks the betta’s fins. This is because of the low immunity of the betta. A fin rot in a betta will begin to show by the fin looking incomplete and as if it has been nipped off by other fish. The tail is not whole and looks shredded.

Pro tip: Indian almond leaves are the best to cure the betta in cases of fin rot.

70.Can You Revive A Dead Betta Fish?

Unfortunately, you cannot revive any dead being back to life. However, you can try and save a dying betta. First change the water. Add methylene blue and Indian almond leaves. Check the water temperature and PH levels. It will take a long time for the betta to recover, and you have to be patient.

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71. Do Betta Fry Need Air Pump?

No, new born betta fry do not need an air pump. However, as they grow, a really mild air pump would do no harm.

72. Is My Betta Fish Dead Or Sleeping?

The easiest way to find out if your fish is sleeping is to gently tap on the glass and see if the fish responds. If the betta responds, then it was just sleeping. Another way is turning on the light. These are the simple ways to know if the betta is just sleeping. However, if the color of the fish has faded, it is stationery and not eating, then you know the fish is sick.

73. Why Is My Betta Fish Barely Moving?

If your betta is not old and is a young betta, and not moving at all, there are only two reasons. Either your betta lacks stimulation or your betta is sick.

A healthy betta will always keep exploring the tank and moving around. You can try using a mirror and checking if the betta responds. If this helps, and the betta is eating regularly then you need to look at placing some plants and other things to stimulate your betta.

Remember, mirror stimulation is only for two minutes a day. Do not stress your betta more than that.

74. What Type Of Food Is Good For Bettas?

Bettas are carnivorous. They will need food that is high in protein. Live foods are necessary only during breeding. Frozen foods can be used when you have more than one betta at home. Readymade betta formulae are available in the market.

75. What Is The Ideal Tank Size For A Betta?

The minimum tank size for a betta fish is 3.7 gallons. This converts to 16.8 litres. But a 5 gallon is recommended.


76. What Is The PH Level Required Or A Betta?

The Ideal PH level for a betta fish is 7. They can go up to 8 or 9 but not more. If the PH is not okay, it can kill your betta.

77. What Is The Ideal Temperature For Bettas?

They are used to 78-80 Degrees Fahrenheit since they originate from warm waters. Cold temperature will slow down your betta and affect their metabolism leading to even death.

78.What Is The Origin Of The Betta?

The bettas are also known as Siamese fighting fish. Pronounced ‘bay-tuh’, the betta originates from Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. They are known as ‘betta splendens’ meaning ‘beautiful warrior’.  

The bettas were originally not so many in variety. Later, through planned breeding, several varieties have come to be.

The Plakat is the original variety of the betta. In Thai Plakat means ‘the biting fish’. The bettas are carnivorous fish. In 1840, the King of Siam (Thailand) gave a few bettas to Dr.Theodor Cantor.

It is from here the bettas became popular world wide.

79.Should Betta Food Be Pellets Or Flakes?

Any food that floats longer and does not sink too soon is ideal. The size of the pellets must be tiny so that the betta finds it easy to eat. Pellets are better than flakes since the betta can take it in easily.

80.Can A Betta Survive In A Marine Tank?

A betta needs clean water. Not salt water. Salt water is only used as a medicine for betta fish, when the betta is bathed in salt water only for two minutes.

Marine bettas are totally different and they are the only types that can do well only in a marine tank. So, if you have a marine tank, then look for marine bettas.

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81.How Do I Know If My Betta Is Sick?

Bettas are usually active and curious fish. They are bright in color. If you find its color is faded then, it’s a sign of illness. The second sign is its appetite.

If a betta is not eating, that a clear indication of illness. The next sign is puffed up scales.  The scales begin to look like pine cones. Another sign is a bloated belly.

Erratic swimming, swimming backward, being vertical are also signs of illness.  A sedentary betta is also a sign of illness.

If the betta poop is long and white, then it’s a sign of infection. Another common illness is white spots commonly known as the Ich.

Usually, a betta fish has whole fins. A shredded fin is also a sign of an illness called fin rot. A popped eye a bacterial infection. A slow betta could usually indicate low temperature.

If you see rusty scales when you shine a torch on him, then it’s a sign of sickness.


82.How Much Does A Betta Cost?

A Betta can cost anything between 3-4 Dollars to 1550 Dollars. This depends on the quality and variety of the betta. A moon-tail betta would be around 14-15 Dollars.

A rare, high -quality betta can cost up to 1550 Dollars. In fact, there are bettas with the colors of the United States Flag.

However, you can buy beautiful betta for 3-4 Dollars unless you are a betta collector looking to collect all the varieties.

83. How Do You Select A Betta?

First of all, look at the tail of the betta. It must be a whole tail without any indications of shredding. Next, the betta must be active.

Here, you need check whether the betta is around other males or near a mirror. If none of these are present, and the betta is active, then its healthy. Third, look at the stomach and eyes. The stomach must not be bloated and the eyes must not be puffed.

The scales must not be pine like. Lastly, check the shape of the betta. The back must not be bent and be neatly shaped.  

84.What Toys Can You Give To A Betta?

Betta fish play with ping pong balls, floating balls etc. They like to be mentally stimulated. New layouts in the betta tank help a lot.

Drawing on the whiteboard with a marker outside the tank really attracts your betta. A betta will follow a laser pointer. But do not point the laser at the fish.

85. How Big Can A Betta Get?

A betta can grow up to 3 and a half inches long. This usually takes more than a year and a half for a baby betta to reach its full size.

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86.Can I Keep A Betta In A Cement Pot With A Molly?

A cement pot is not exactly ideal for a betta. The water levels in a cement pot can become more alkaline and can even cause burns. So, it is best that you don’t house any fish in a cement container.

87.Can I Put My Betta In A Vase Or A Small Container?

A betta fish can survive in a small tank. However, it is not the most recommended tank size for the betta fish. A betta loves exploring and swimming around. So, a decently sized tank is the minimum you can do for your finny pet. A vase or a small container is not the right type of home for a betta fish because the vase prevents penetration of light and a small container inhibits movement.


88. How Long Will My Betta Fish Live?

A betta fish can live as long as five to seven years if you take really good care. However, store bought bettas can live up to two years.

89.How Often Should I Clean My Betta Tank?

A 30% percent water change once in 3 days and a weekly gravel clean using a siphon should be great. A complete clean once every 20 days is an awesome way to maintain your little betta.

90.Why Do My Betta Fish Fins Get Ripped?

Your betta’s fins are getting ripped for two reasons. First if the betta is in a community tank, look for fin nippers. If your betta is alone, it’s an infection which can be treated. Dirty water is the common cause of fin rot. Also check the temperature of the water.

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91. Why Do Bettas Let Out Bubbles?

Bubbles are an indication of nesting. Bubbles are not a 100% indicator of health, but it surely is a good indicator. Some bettas may not bubble at all unless they see a female. Some may bubble frequently.

Either way the betta bubbles is not something to worry about. Bubbles disappear on their own and it is not recommended that you clean it. This can instigate the betta create fresh bubbles and thus induce stress.

So it is best that you allow the natural process to take its course.

92. How Do You Mentally Stimulate A Betta Fish?

There are lot of ways to mentally stimulate a betta fish. First you can place mirror outside the tank for about two minutes a day. The other way is to get the betta to play by moving your finger outside the tank. Placing new decoration is another way. You can also change the layout of the tank which makes the betta explore the new aspects.

93.Is It Normal For The Betta To Stay At The Top Of The Tank?

It is not normal for the betta to sit at the top of the tank. If he is always at the top, he is having issues breathing or has an infection. It would be best if you consult a professional for advice on treating the betta.

Before doing so, you can always try checking the water parameters like PH etc. People also recommend a two-minute salt bath. However, this has to be done with great caution and precision.


94.Do Bettas Need An Air Pump?

Betta fish do not need an air pump. Bettas are labyrinth breathers. This means they can take air from the surface. However, an air pump is not a bad idea. Remember! the air pump must be an extremely mild one. This is because Bettas cannot be subjected to any kind of strong air flow as it will stress them.

95. What Do You Need For A Betta Fish Tank?

A betta tank is a very simple one. Although there are several layouts to make a betta comfortable, here are the basic things you will need. First, clean water. A temperature controller, some gravel, a few plants, a filter, and a water conditioner. !Lol! Don’t forget the Betta of your choice.

If you can, then driftwood would be a great addition.* Some toys like a ping pong ball would also be great. A siphon, to clean the gravel would make cleaning easy.  As a fish owner there are certain basic things to own. A fish net for example, a water testing kit, basic fish medicines and good fish food.

*To read about Manzanita Driftwood – Everything You Need To Know click here.

Pro Tip: Keep an extra tank if your betta has tank mates, so that you can allow your betta some free time when needed.

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96. What Food is Good For A Betta?

Bettas need food that floats on the top of the water and are small and easy to bite. Betta loves variety. Check for food that has less chemicals and preservatives. Bettas need a high protein diet along with some fibre and fat content.

If the ingredients brine shrimps it is great. However, be cautious about some brands who use rice or wheat, because these can affect the betta’s digestive system.

97. Do Betta Fish Yawn And Why?

Betta fish do open their mouth wide which looks like yawning. There are several reasons why a betta looks like its yawning.

First, it can be due to breathe in more oxygen. Second, to let the gills get cleaned by letting in more water. Third, it could be asking you for food. But this has to be deduced after observation.

If you just fed your betta and he is still yawning, then it is not hunger. Fourth, it could be a sign of aggression.

Pro Tip: If it is just occasional, then its not something to worry about.

98.  What Determines The Quality (Beauty) Of The Betta Fish?

The most important aspect is the tail and the fins. The variety of the tails can range from moon-tail to double tail. The next aspect is the color.

Brighter the color, the better quality. Some bettas have dots and some others come with different patterns. The rarer the betta, the more expensive it is.

If the Betta fish has a won a show, it is even more expensive.


99. How Does The Betta Reproduce?

A male betta creates bubbles which is called a bubble nest. If the female goes near the bubble nest, it means she is reciprocating to the male’s advances. Then the pair breed.

This allows the female to let out the eggs in her pouch. As the female releases her eggs the male captures the eggs and brings them back to the bubble nest. This is where the eggs fertilize and hatch after a few days.

100. How Many Varieties Of Bettas Are There?

It is hard to be exact about the types of bettas because they have been classified in several ways. However, the tail is always the most important part of the betta and the tail type is the way most of the experts classify the betta. If this be it, then there are 13 types of Bettas. The classification is done by virtue of the tail type. For example a Double Tail Betta has its main fin split into two. The crown tail betta has sharp spiky edges at its fins.

101.Do Bettas Have A Personality?

Yes, bettas do have a personality. They are intelligent and curios. They like playing and they recognise their owners. They have their choices and preferences of places, foods and even tank mates.

Some can be calm and some very aggressive.  They can either tolerate a tank mate or reject them. So, if you are planning to have a betta, you are getting yourself a proper pet.

(3) 5 Easy Tricks to Teach Your Betta Fish First – YouTube

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